NV Gov. Sandoval Defends Extremists Interfering With Federal Government Activity (via http://crooksandliars.com)

By karoli April 9, 2014 10:34 pm – Comments Cliven Bundy has been using federal lands to raise his cattle. Now that the BLM is putting a stop to it, Bundy is enlisting everyone from the Oathkeepers to Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval in his cause. Less…

8 thoughts on “NV Gov. Sandoval Defends Extremists Interfering With Federal Government Activity”
  1. Mr. Bundy should have aligned himself with the Occupy Wall Street crowd and the left would have embraced him to the max.

    Sounds like Mr. Bundy has been following the Occupy blueprint.


    1. A strange assertion, given that the Occupy movement’s signature issue was returning public space to the use of the public. Mr. Bundy is simply a member of the one percent trying to use public lands without reimbursing the taxpayer as required by law; the Occupy crowd will probably not be very receptive to his cause.

  2. Also, the Occupy movement did not call militia on their phones and ask them to bring their guns.

    These men could have seriously started a gunfight with the federal government and caused massive bloodshed.

    Over what?

    A publicity stunt.

  3. Why is it these militia nuts start squealing about their freedom it usually starts with encroaching on mine?

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