According to Kansas City authorities there is a sniper on the loose shooting at cars on the freeway. Ten of the 13 shootings happened in Kansas City, including Sunday evening when a 56-year-old man was eastbound on Interstate 435 near I-470 when he was shot in the left calf. So far 3 people have been shot, one seriously. Federal authorities are involved and are trying to track down who is responsible. Coupled with right wing lunacy in Nevada, one gets the sense that trouble is brewing just below the surface.

Andrew Breitbart wasn’t kidding when he said liberals know who they are dealing with. Breitbart claimed that people in the military were on his side and had his back.

Clive Bundy at the ranch compound calling on Patriots and Militia members to come and start a fight with the government. Pete Santili calling on people to congregate at the Bundy ranch to protect themselves, Andrew Breibart telling people that the right wing has guns and will use them against liberals, now snipers are on the loose in Kansas city. What’s next, full scale guerrilla war? I shudder to think just how crazy right wing extremists truly are. They want war, they believe they are in a war now, and they have the means to get their crazy lunatic fringe messages out to their followers now more than at any time in history. If you think about it the possibilities for urban warfare are more possible now than they ever were.