Former sheriff: Women ‘need to be the first ones shot’ by feds in Bundy Ranch standoff (via Raw Story )

A former Arizona sheriff who has taken the side of cattle ranchers in Nevada said this week that he would have allowed his own wife and daughters to be shot as human shields because it would look bad for the federal government on television. In a statement…

  • catrsimportant

    Jesus — they hate feminism, but it’s very apparent chivalry is dead even though they think it’s an excuse to undermine feminism. In the Old West, the cowboys didn’t say “Make sure the women are shot first so the other guys look bad” — they protected the women and their offspring. What’s next? Are they going to make human shields of little kids and babies like Saddam Hussein?

    (Actually, I’m not sure Saddam Hussein even did that! But he did help the media coin the phrase “human shields”)

    • Carl Hopkinson

      The blame is not with the victims trying to defend themselves against armed federal thugs by using psychological tactics like this…it still firmly resides with the rogues that claim to be our government and point guns in our faces. Would you prefer the ranchers remove the women and children so that the federal feral scum could rip their bodies apart and rip them away from their families with a “clear conscience”?? No, I say let the criminals be presented with their hardest choices first…maybe they can be prevented from being seduced into that ultimate evil sliding down the slippery slope to Hell.

      • Sooo you are in favor of using women and children as human shields? It’s very…jihadist of you.