Frazier Glenn Miller

In 2012, Missouri State University professor David Embree invited Frazier Glenn Miller to speak to his class so they would know how dangerous white supremacists really are. Miller, who was charged yesterday with killing three people at Jewish sites in Kansas this weekend, told the class that he hoped the next Hitler was sitting in the room.

“When he came to my class the first thing he did was show a video of himself at a Klan rally 20 or 25 years ago,” Embree said. “Those were the best days of his life.”

The classroom lecture had the desired effect. Students were convinced that “white supremacy is a real thing and a dangerous thing,” Embree added.

“I asked the class, I said, ‘What did you think about bringing these people in?'” Embree explained to BuzzFeed. “And they said, ‘You’re absolutely right, if we had not heard these people we wouldn’t believe such hateful people exist.'”

Miller helpfully underlined the lesson by insulting perceived Jews among the student body. We suggest that this experiment requires emulation, and that the time has come for courageous education professionals to follow Dr. Embree’s model and educate their students. Hate like Miller’s may be ugly, but if we never countenance it we can never truly appreciate the dangerous banality of evil that Hitler and his latter-day fanatics embody.

We shall let Ms. Maddow punctuate that point for us by embedding the fabulous history lesson she gave last night on the danger of right wing extremism.

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