If you have not heard, Cliven Bundy is protesting against the “racist” label by doubling-down on the racist thing that he said, with an assist from former Breitbart.com writer Dana Loesch. We now present the day’s best reactions to Cliven Bundy’s racist remarks and analyses of the problem he has become for conservatives, in no particular order.

Video: Chris Hayes talks to Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Adding: to snuff denialism on social media, Media Matters has obtained video of Bundy’s remarks.


2 thoughts on “A Cliven Bundy Racism Reverberations Roundup”
  1. Soon, we will hear that it is the progressives who are the real racists because we called Bundy a racist for saying racist things, and besides there is no more racism because we elected a Black president and MLK was a republican and blabba blabba blabba…

    Be watching for my op-ed on Cliven Bundy coming up in about an hour.

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