Will Oklahoma welcome their new goat-man overlords?
Oklahoma children welcome their new goat-man overlord

As you can see from the above photo released by the Satanic Temple, their statue is nearing completion. The New York-based organization is petitioning the state of Oklahoma to place the finished statue ten feet away from a Ten Commandments monument. When the legislature passed a bill allowing religious monuments on state house grounds in 2009, the ACLU warned them that this might happen. That prominent hand pose is called coagula et solve, an alchemical sign for the principle that you must break things down in order to make new things out of them. The position of the hands suggests the connection of heavens and earth. The design is all about the balance of opposites, with a sort of Pan’s Labyrinth take on Baphomet — altogether, a rather vanilla monument, to be honest. Our only concern is the children. The short pants and jacket on the boy are very Damien-like, which may perhaps be the point but reinforces the power-mad image that turns people off to Satanism. Something about the girl is uncanny, and she appears to have a secret that we are not sure we want to know.