This is a story of party monsters in the Republican Party: conservatives for whom the ‘party’ is literal and foremost, who share a glaring absence of personal responsibility within a partisan ethos that is supposedly all about personal responsibility.

Created to unite Chicago’s young, hip Republicans for social occasions, the Guccistoregraveyard gmail group’s description reads: “This coke that I imported just as ‘portant as yo pres’dent.” (Update: the group was made private within two hours of this post.) Our story today begins there, with a few potentially career-ending overshares about cocaine and booze in an obscure email group, but it traces back to a scandal involving alleged sexual misconduct by a leader of Chicago Young Republicans (CYR) — and an infamous power struggle that ensued over charges that party officials were covering for a sexual predator.

We begin with these emails, which would be enough to earn a corporate HR department’s censure at the very least.

“My physical got pushed to Tuesday, so sadly this weekend will just been an alcohol infused shitwreck minus the beauty of the beer-subtractor cocaina.”



“Borden are you the female that passed out in the bathroom at Bernie’s tavern?”



“You and I haven’t done coke together in the bathroom yet.”


Douvsm7 appears to be Sean Douville, a college friend of Dorsey’s who attended the US Army’s Officer Candidate School last year. (His Facebook is here.) We are fairly certain that if his current chain of command read these emails, his career would suffer.

A civilian, Mike Dorsey regularly invites list members to attend happy hour events with a new political action committee, Concord 51, that is supposed to be the template for a new conservative movement: younger, more hip, with less emphasis on bedrock conservative social issues like marriage equality and abortion.

“We’ve created communications and a brand that is representative of not necessarily party politics, but what we believe to be the politics of our generation,” said Matthew Swift, a co-founder of Concord 51, who works at a management company.

While much of the GOP’s public soul searching has been over the use of technology, how outside groups spent money and the need to draw Hispanics into the fold, Republicans also have fallen behind in drawing younger voters. President Barack Obama won the youth vote 67 percent to 30 percent nationally with young voters providing a significant difference in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, according to an analysis by the Center for Research and Information of Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University.

Concord 51’s founders hope to change that.

But what really made our antennae quiver was that Andrew Magliochetti was co-hosting this event with Dorsey.


You may remember Magliochetti from his role in the 2010 “Young Eagles” scandal, where a Los Angeles GOP donor covered the $2000 cost of an afterparty at a lesbian bondage-themed nightclub and then got reimbursed by the Republican National Committee. While the female director of Young Eagles was the only person fired for the incident, and the debacle helped end Michael Steele’s career as Chairman of the RNC, Magliochetti was apparently the genius who actually took the party to the club, but he did not suffer any sanctions for it. In fact, upon his return to Illinois, Magliochetti was very nearly made Chairman of the Chicago Republican Party.

Monsters in the VIP lounge

Andrew Magliochetti
Andrew Magliochetti

By 2010, Chicago Young Republicans had seen tremendous growth under the leadership of a man named Jeremy Rose. Known to his peers as “The Prophet,” Rose had no job experience or college credits, but he was very good at throwing parties and attracting large crowds. He was also reportedly a party monster who had a history of bad intentions when he would get CYR members of both genders drunk. According to his detractors, Rose treated CYR as a meat market, arranging private ‘VIP lounges’ so he could get inebriated and handsy outside of public view. Things reportedly got even worse at his after-parties.

Jeremy Rose
Jeremy Rose

As Chairman of the Cook County Republican Party, which overlaps with Chicago’s Republican Party in terms of geography but not organization, Magliochetti often enjoyed VIP status at CYR events, so it stands to reason that he was familiar with those VIP areas and what was going on inside them.

After he came home from the lesbian bondage club debacle, Magliochetti participated in a scheme to replace the Chairwoman of the Chicago Republican Party when she tried to blow the whistle over Rose’s alleged sexual misconduct. As recounted in this long but kind of fascinating post about Illinois Republican infighting, Magliochetti was nominated to replace Eloise Gerson during a hastily-arranged executive session after she pushed Chairman Lee Roupas to take action against Rose. Despite knowing the accusations leveled against him, Roupas had already promoted Rose from political director to Executive Director of the Cook County Republican Party. To the party’s rank and file, it seemed that Roupas was covering up the party monster.

(T)he complaint filed by the young woman with the Chicago GOP and Young Republican National organization alleges “The Prophet” plied her with alcohol to the point of inebriation, continued to force drinks upon her after she’d told him she’d had enough, took her cell phone away from her when she tried to call for help, blocked her exit when she tried to flee, and then refused to assist her in finding a cab to drive her home, in the dead at night, after all those drinks he served her, when she was afraid of venturing out into crime-riddled Chicago on her own.

Other women and men have come forward with similar detailed accounts that paint a clear picture of a serious problem in the Chicago Young Republican organization, which had been seen as a growing and dynamic new political force on the Chicago scene — until it was rendered a laughingstock by “The Prophet”. It’s now widely considered kin to Animal House grade fraternities that would surely lose their charters if observant deans and mature adults stopped to realize how much damage the debauchery, skirt-chasing, and victimization of women was inflicting on the conservative cause in a corrupt, bankrupt, battered Midwestern state desperate for an alternative to endless Democrat scandals and abuse of power.

“The Prophet”, as nicknamed by members of the CYRs because of his endless womanizing and grand delusion of “being the Republican Party in Illinois”, as well as being “untouchable”, has been protected from discipline and scrutiny by Cook County Republican Chairman Lee Roupas, Fran Eaton (editor of the Illinois Review), wealthy Chicago donors such as Beth Christie, former GOP Illinois State Chair Andy McKenna, failed Lt. Governor candidate Matt Murphy, and other Republicans on the state and national levels who knew of the complaint filed by the young woman against “The Prophet” — but did their level best to quash it, and squash any truthteller out there who was determined to see an investigation launched into the frat house the Chicago Young Republicans had devolved into.

Like Chairman Roupas and Jeremy Rose, Magliochetti was also a Mitt Romney booster, leading to accusations that the power struggle was really aimed at securing the candidate’s 2012 nomination for the White House. But the influence of one wealthy donor who favored Rose, and funded his ascension despite his lack of experience or education, seems a much more immediate and important factor in the dispute.

Gerson found evidence the Prophet’s hiring was okayed by (Illinois State Chairman Pat) Brady, even though a sexual assault complaint was filed with the Republican Party about behavior of the Prophet in 2009…which neither Brady nor Roupas ever investigated. They just hired him anyway, seemingly because Beth Christie said so.

FEC records show large donations from the Elizabeth K. Christie Foundation coincided perfectly with terrible decisions made by Brady and Roupas, in terms of hiring, loans to the CYRs, and whatever else Beth Christie interested herself in at the time. Brady and Roupas attempted to remove Gerson from her elected position within the GOP because of the questions she asked about the propriety of all this, but the coup failed when Michael Steele and others at the RNC were informed of what was going on. Steele’s office chastised Brady and Roupas, whose political futures were ruined by the scandal.

Sometime this fall, before the November elections, former Illinois state Chair Andy McKenna had a sit-down with Beth Christie during which she was told, point-blank, what an embarrassment she’d become and how she’d made a complete laughingstock of herself and the Republican Party in Illinois. The Huffington Post and other outlets had picked up the tale of the Prophet, and GOP donors coast to coast complained about the influence Beth Christie had on the Illinois state party…and how it looked for her to be carrying on with the CYRs, at her age, making people uncomfortable with her displays and unabashed demands on the party for favors to her “dollies”, as the young men in her constant company became known.

Whatever his reasons for the attempt, Roupas’s power-grab ultimately failed. When the Huffington Post started reporting on the scandal, Rose submitted a combative resignation from CYR, but still remained in place for several days until state party Chairman Brady finally intervened. And the embarrassing scandal has not kept Rose from working on campaigns — in fact, he is still gainfully employed in Republican politics.

Rose’s troubling history has not diminished the flow of political largess to Rose and his CorStrategies partner, Colin Corbett, who is now (in a nice little political bait-and-switch) the current spokesman for the Cook County GOP.

Rose & Co, have been regularly tapped to run the Illinois GOP Conventions in addition to other lucrative local and state political contracts. Rose has been running the political show for the last two years running –allegations of sexual misconduct with young Republican females notwithstanding.

The monsters are still in the party

Which brings us back to Mike Dorsey’s cocaine-dusted invitations to happy hour events with the Chicago chapter of Concord 51 PAC, because the legacy of the CYR scandal is written in the names on them. Chris Geissler, who ran for office as a Republican and was a Chicago Young Republicans advisory board member during the 2010 scandal, is listed as a co-host with Magliochetti. Janie Kim, on the other hand, represents the PAC’s sincere efforts to increase female and minority participation in the new, more hip conservative brand that Concord 51 is supposed to represent.

The makeup of the group — which was started by a group of young white men, many in finance, public affairs and startups — is also emblematic of the party’s demographic problems. Swift said he is focused on increasing ethnic diversity and adding female members. A. Beaumont Allen, who is in public affairs, noted that can already be seen in the increase in women on Concord 51’s 35-member board, a third of whose members are now female.

Dorsey — whose Twitter bio describes him as “Austrian in thought, Southern at Heart, American all over” — speaks for the core values of besotted, amoral self-dealing at the heart of the ‘young Republican’ identity that Concord 51 seeks to foster. We know where these party monsters came from.

“I like sluts, abusing substances, and making fun of people for not being smart.”


Addendum: Mike Dorsey has deleted his LinkedIn page and locked his Twitter account.


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  1. I see the scrubbing by Mike Dorsey has begun. LinkedIn account scrubbed, Twitter feed locked, Google Group shut down etc etc, and all within an hour of this post. The hope is that screen-caps were taken on this group and that shutting down will prove fruitless for him or them, and only makes them look more guilty by trying to cover it up. Give it up Dorsey, you and your group of drunken coke fiends have been had. Best to man up and come clean. Scurrying away like a small boy only makes you look like you have something to hide.

  2. So this is how those young Rand Paulites spend their PAC money. I bet its similar across the board lol

    1. Just the same shit from the GOP as always, a bunch of spoiled rich kids thinking that laws don’t apply to them but trying to enact all kinds of laws that adversely affect poor people. I wonder if their funders care? Are they embarassed? Or is this the sort of “open secret” that the MSM keeps under wraps in exchange for dinners with the big guys?

      1. Or how about these funders here:

        John Wagner, Founder of Scribble

        Nashat Gabrail

        Baker Hatcher

        Senior Associate, Financial Services
        Korn/Ferry International
        Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; KFY; Management Consulting industry
        January 2011 – August 2013 (2 years 8 months) Greater New York City Area

        Primarily focused on recruiting investment professionals and capital raisers for private equity and other long-dated, illiquid strategies (real estate, infrastructure, credit opportunities, etc.)

        Additional search work includes asset management, investment banking and financial officers.

        Robert Hefner V, RPL

        Hefner Energy
        July 2009 – Present (4 years 7 months) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Area

        Kenneth Juster, of Warburg Pincus

        Alex Bozmoski, donor to Concord51 PAC

        Energy and Enterprise Initiative (E and EI)

        Alex Bozmoski, Director – Strategy & Operations

        Alex Bozmoski leads E&EI’s policy development and educational programming. Prior to joining E&EI at its inception in 2012, Bozmoski spent four years as an entrepreneur developing rural energy projects in East Africa as well as consulting on energy and climate policy for think tanks, consultancies, and a major development bank. He has also worked on several federal and gubernatorial campaigns for GOP candidates.

        Erez Charnes Kalir J.D.
        Manager, Sabretooth Capital Management, LLC

        Mr. Erez Charnes Kalir is a Manager at Sabretooth Capital Management, LLC. He co-founded the firm in 2008. Prior to this, Mr. Kalir was a Partner, Analyst, and Associate at Eton Park Capital Management, L.P for four years. He was employed at the Perseus investment firm in Washington D.C. and served as a Consultant at McKinsey & Co. Mr. Kalir was a Special Counsel at the Federal Communications Commission.

        Kenton Alexander

        Ken Alexander is a partner in the litigation practice group of Porter Hedges. He has over thirty years of experience representing publicly-held corporations, private companies, and individuals in complex federal and state court litigation, arbitrations, antitrust and competition law compliance, merger negotiations, pre-merger notification, and government investigations.

        Jeanne Murphy

        PR Firm

        Gave 750.00

        Representing the finest talent!

        “We create the energy that moves our clients forward.” Jeanne Murphy & Colleen Kelly, Jeanne Murphy Public Relations.

        Prasad Phatak
        Investment Professional
        Greater New York City Area Investment Management


        Prasad Phatak’s Experience

        Managing Member
        Tappan Street Partners LLC
        July 2011 – Present (2 years 7 months) Greater New York City Area

        Investment Professional
        Eton Park Capital Management
        October 2005 – July 2011 (5 years 10 months)

        The Blackstone Group
        June 2003 – June 2005 (2 years 1 month)

        Mathew Swift


        Matthew Swift’s Overview

        Chairman and Co-Founder at The Concordia Summit
        Co-Founder at C51
        Director at Entrepreneur 360 – News Corporation
        Fox News Channel at Fox News Channel
        New York Post at New York Post
        Georgetown University
        And the list goes on and on….

    1. That dress and background are exactly the same ones in the image on her LinkedIn profile. These people are all professional party monsters.

  3. Chris Geissler is also the chairperson of a 501c4 called NextGen Illinois

    “NXTgen Illinois’ Mission Statement:

    -To identify young individuals with leadership potential as elected officials, advocate leaders, or political investors (To also identify young individuals who can snort coke and drink and party with the best of them)

    -To develop these individuals by teaching them free market policies, training them on effective political activity, and cultivating their networking and communications abilities (To also develop these individuals by teaching them how to have sex on bathroom floors, snort lines of cocaine both on and off work, and cultivating their networking skills to find other likeminded people who love to do the same)

    -To engage these individuals by placing them in positions of leadership in their respective fields so they can gain experience and hone their skills (skills like when to whip it out at a party, or leadership skills on how to score cocaine on the street or off, and finally,, allowing them to move up the chain from street level dealers to in house reps who manage the cocaine trade)

    -To advance these individuals in their respective fields so they can continue to take on more responsibilities and higher positions of leadership in Illinois” (Higher positions mean better rewards like bedding women on bathroom floors, snorting free lines of coke day and night, and of course free booze to juice up the funder base)
    All this and more can be yours if the price is right….

      1. And like rats they are abandoning a sinking ship lol..

        Molly Champagne

        She works for the Gateway Foundation (Illinois’s largest drug and alcohol treatment program) —
        They also own Gateway Corrections. They provide privatized drug treatment as part of sentencing.
        Drug and Alcohol treatment? Umm, I think they are in need of an INTERVENTION themselves. How can they be out snorting lines of coke and binge drinking while working in these programs? Inquiring minds want to KNOW??

  4. Oh this is rich:

    Their core beliefs:

    ‘A Blow’

    Supporters see Concord’s focus on fiscal instead of social issues as “a breath of fresh air,” said the 6-foot-6 grandson of Ivan Allen Jr., the late Atlanta mayor.

    He and Alec Smith, a former distressed-debt analyst who works for social-media firm Think Passenger Inc., expressed optimism about Romney’s chances after Fox called Pennsylvania for Obama at 9:15 p.m.

    “There are many different paths to still get to the White House,” said Smith, 25. Wearing black loafers, he stepped over a spilled drink. “Sure it is a blow, but I don’t think it’s as significant as some of these other states.”

    (Yeah blow as in COCAINE)

    Concord spent “six-figures” to support candidates in the election, Swift said. He co-founded the group with Scott P. Caputo, who works as “an investment representative in private wealth management for a global bank,” according to the group’s website. Annual membership costs range from $50 for a monthly newsletter to $1,500 “for individuals that demonstrate outstanding loyalty to Concord 51’s three core issues.”

    Gay Marriage

    Blake Saunders, a 26-year-old investment banker at Methuselah Advisors LP, stood near the bar.

    “When you push off all these different things that are always brought to the forefront in a primary election,” he said, “like social issues like gay marriage and abortion, if you get to the core of most young people, from 20 to 40 years old, their ultimate thing is they want to wake up the next morning and smile at their children and say, ‘I’m providing for my family.’”

    (Yeah, I’m providing for my family as I binge on cocaine and bottles of booze while banging two chicks on the bathroom floor. Nice family picture of course) Gays? They can’t stand them because they have sex in positions they don’t really like.

    The next morning, Allen said in an e-mail that the group would expand by attracting “folks from all backgrounds who agree with our issues.” All except one of 28 people on the organization’s board are white, photographs on its website show.

    “One of our goals is to radically alter the perception of conservatives,” he wrote, “as old white males.”

    (Yeah we will radically alter the perception of conservatives with as much cocaine as can be snorted in one night)

  5. The scrubbing continues. Sean Douville has now closed his Facebook account down.

    Here you go Sean, you are forever memorialized and unable to scrub this one:

    Sean Douville’s Overview

    Current Second Lieutenant, Infantry at US Army Past Officer Candidate at US Army

    Associate District Manager at ADP

    Management Consultant at Quality Oil Company

    Legal/Financial Intern at Esselte

    see less

    see allEducation Wake Forest University, Schools of Business

    Wake Forest University Connections 239 connections

    Sean Douville’s Summary

    Highly motivated, energetic and professional Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Infantry, in charge of a platoon of infantry soldiers with the purpose of closing with, engaging, and destroying the enemies of the United States of America in close combat (STONED OUT OF HIS MIND OF COURSE). Prior experience in the business services industry; Fortune 500 Company sales, marketing and client management. Highly skilled in cultivating and maintaining strong business and interpersonal relationships.

    Sean Douville’s Experience

    Second Lieutenant, Infantry

    US Army

    Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Military industry

    November 2013 – Present (7 months)

    Officer Candidate

    US Army

    Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Military industry

    March 2013 – November 2013 (9 months) fort benning, georgia

    Associate District Manager


    Public Company; 10,001+ employees; ADP; Human Resources industry

    February 2012 – February 2013 (1 year 1 month) greater chicago area

    Maintain and organize an individual client base of over 400 accounts, while building relationships and growing new business through various partner channels.

    Management Consultant

    Quality Oil Company

    Privately Held; 1001-5000 employees; Oil & Energy industry

    June 2011 – December 2011 (7 months)

    Designed a detailed Human Resources Employee Satisfaction survey that was distributed to over one thousand employees to obtain a qualitative assessment of their level of satisfaction in the organization.
    Participated in weekly meetings and discussions with various executives in the company on a wide variety of topics including sales and marketing strategies, customer retention and employee morale issues

    Legal/Financial Intern


    Privately Held; 1001-5000 employees; Business Supplies and Equipment industry

    January 2008 – January 2010 (2 years 1 month)

    Reported directly to the Senior Vice President and General Counsel and Chief Financial Officer.
    Assisted with various legal and business research and analysis projects including business and environmental litigation, and conducted extensive competitor analysis of the Office Products Industry.

    Sean Douville’s Education

    Wake Forest University, Schools of Business

    Graduate Business Studies, Business Administration and Management, General


    Wake Forest University

    Bachelor of the Arts, English

    2007 – 2011

    Activities and Societies: Rush Chair – Sigma Nu Fraternity, Risk Reduction Chairman – Sigma Nu Fraternity, Volunteer – Samaritan In

    1. His Facebook is still there for us, though Mr. Douville has not replied to our message offering him an opportunity to comment.

      1. He just opened it back up moments ago. I guess he figured it was too late to do anything about it.

  6. Matthew A. Swift has now locked his Twitter account. Even the FOUNDER of Concord 51 is afraid to come out of the proverbial closet. WOW. The CIC cannot even answer for his own membership.
    What does that say when the founder cannot even come out to answer questions about coke parties, binge drinking and banging girls on the bathroom floor???

  7. What a delightful nest of baby vipers. I would caution you, though, on believing anything seeping from the cracked brain pan of fervid fantasist Kevin Dujan of Hillbuzz. KD is the nutball who insists that Obama frequents gay bathhouses with Rahm, and other inadvertently self-parodying twaddle.

    A very good friend of mine was the subject of one of his favorite hobbies: witchhunting. Rose may not smell sweet by any name, but you would do well to have a second source on the name Dujan is trying to sell you.

    My very ; – > good friend covered that little epoch in Chicago Derp Dishing back in 2010:

    (Caution: contains Blingees. Epileptic and tasteful ppl please be advised)

  8. While I am appalled by some of the brazen subject matter of these emails, I do find it rather inappropriate that Mr. Osborne would post these emails without redacting the personal contact information of the authors. Leaving them up there, along with the tone of your article, clearly shows the utter contempt he has for these people, whom I’m sure he’s never met. The point of the article could have easily been made without that information. I may not agree with the Chicago Young Republicans politically, but publicly shaming and posting private contact information (he even left what I am assuming is or was Mike Dorsey’s personal cell phone number) is below constructive and meaningful political discourse. If I were the author of this article, I would be ashamed of myself.

  9. Matt, it is Joseph. I have finally completed my masterpiece: There is a reference to you within the text. Can you find it?

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