A tip of the hat to Ben Cohen at The Daily Banter for catching conservative weirdo Dinesh D’Souza’s hilariously ironic Facebook post about his new film.


Indeed, Mr. D’Souza has determined his fate by breaking campaign finance laws. His fate is to be forever known as a convicted felon, and even after serving his time he is destined to endure our relentlessly mockery of his Weekly World News propaganda style.

For instance, his new movie — “America” the Movie — seems like quite a potential project. What would the world be like if Arabs had embarked on the Age of Exploration instead of white Europeans? What if the Industrial Revolution had taken place in India? What if a Chinese emperor had not burned his nation’s oceanic trade fleet? What if Native Americans had developed metallurgy from their contact with Vikings? Would we still have America, where Dinesh D’Souza can break the law and go to jail if he wants, or would we all be living in a hellish prison-world of godless communism, aka 2016: Obama’s America?

According to D’Souza, what America really needs is a man with the courage to ask these questions. In fact, our very freedom depends on them being asked.  Actually, now that he stands to lose his freedom for a while, the dystopian alternate-America D’Souza really wants us all to imagine is one without him in it.