Are the NRA/Pro gun nuts Racists? (via The Head On Radio Network)

Photo courtesy of the Lakota Tribe Against XL-Pipeline Let me begin by saying I am a firearm owner. I do have a rifle, a Mosin Nagant 91/30, an old WWII Soviet sniper rifle. Yet unlike most gun nuts, I lock my rifle in a safe at a friend’s gunsmith…

  • Stephen Ramsey

    The author doesn’t get it. Nobody was defending any of Cliven Bundy’s “rights” except the right not to be murdered by militarized federals for unpaid fees. Nobody in particular likes the way the ranchers are being driven out, but that is a purely political matter, and a legal matter. Mr Bundy and his family facing potential assassination over it however, IS a matter for patriots.

    The Lakota issue is an issue between them and the BIA, and the rest of the feds. If the feds attempt to kill them off in the process of installing a pipeline, and the Lakota ask for assistance and allow that assistance to cross into their nation, I have little doubt someone would show up to defend them.

    • When exactly did Bundy or his family face assassination? Was it before the black helicopters showed up, or after the Chupacabra sighting?

      • Stephen Ramsey

        When the .gov decided to send 200 heavily armed federals to deal with an old man and some cows. When those same feds put in place a “no fly zone” and a “free speech zone” and began beating down and tasing peaceful, unarmed protesters. When the feds arrived with machine guns, body armor, and attack dogs. That’s when.

        • OK, let’s see. The government had to plan a dangerous activity (rounding up cattle) with armed gangs of idiots about. That required lots of people, sure, but where have they been?

          Are you still camped out on Bundy’s ranch watching the skies for drones?

          • Stephen Ramsey

            Wrong, The militia and patriot groups were NOT there until after the operation began. This is NOT the first instance of the BLM using a heavy handed approach. This is typical behavior for them. The difference was, this time, they had a protest. Then they used the same heavy handed tactics to restrain, corral, and physically beat down the protest.

          • Opietheparrot

            So refusing to pay for what you used, otherwise known as grand theft, is okay, but attempting to collect for what you have supplied Is tyranny? Let’s all steal everything the Koch’s control. Is that any different? I bet it is in the fevered minds of the right wing.

  • TexTopCat

    “Let me also tell you that I am for gun control and want stringent gun laws comparable if not stronger than Japan. I mean, no one, except for the military and law enforcement should carry their firearm concealed, because, I don’t trust ANYONE who isn’t trained to use their firearm without proper training.” – you can have your opinion, how ever armed citizens have a much better track record than to police or military, not that I do not think Police have an important role to play. The police do not have any duty or responsibility, and in fact, can not protect any individual. (SCOTUS Castle Rock),

    Here are some references about the relative safety between police and citizens that CC:

    (NY Times)

    (NYPD drunk officers shoot citizens)

    (FL 23 officers,377 shots, 2 unarmed men)

    (Texas Study)

    Police One Poll

  • joe

    Your full of shit, bundy threatened armed resistance to BLM if they came, so BLM rightfully came with Law Enforcement protection. militia and bundy supporters Ilegally trespassed on federal land with gun pointing and verbal threats of violence, breaking several federal laws. bundy assassination attempt is rumor and a stupid lie. FBI investigation with recorded satellite views and witnesses is now processing arrest warrants.
    Harboring a fugitive rancher who stole over 1 million dollars from tax payers will bring prosecution for all involved. Along with charges of harassment by force to local citizens.
    you can argue all you want about ,but, Face Reality Its happening.

  • joe

    Mark my words, those gun-fetish rednecks playing army-man ARE going to prison.