House approves measure to cut funding for feds unless they crack down on legal weed (via Raw Story )

A Republican congressman has successfully pushed legislation to pressure the U.S. Department of Justice to crack down on marijuana in states that have legalized its use. “It is with growing alarm that we see this administration selectively executing…

  • elarem

    The politicians that voted for and support 2 Bush/Cheney wars don’t seem to mind the catastrophic effects of these wars on thousands of U.S. soldiers and their families. The same politicians also voted for fraudulent trade agreements that they knew would decimate the lives of millions of Americans and drive many into poverty. And they’re not done yet. So why all the concern about legal marijuana when they torment us with wars and scandal and outright open exploitation? We need legal pot for relief.

  • vonlmo

    Since when is undermining States Rights a cornerstone of the Republican Party? Notice the pussy voice-vote? Real men & women go on record.