A new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center (.PDF) says the April confrontation at Bundy ranch was “a highly coordinated effort by far-right militiamen that has since energized volatile extremists who are increasingly targeting law enforcement officers.”

“The Bundy ranch standoff wasn’t a spontaneous response to Cliven Bundy’s predicament but rather a well-organized, military-type action that reflects the potential for violence from a much larger and more dangerous movement,” said Mark Potok, senior fellow in the SPLC’s Intelligence Project. “This incident may have faded from public view, but if our government doesn’t pay attention, we will be caught off guard as much as the Bureau of Land Management was that day.”

According to War in the West, there have already been seventeen shooting incidents between American law enforcement officers and anti-government extremists since 2009. The report also includes a detailed timeline of past anti-government movements, such as the Sagebrush Rebellion and “Wise Use,” whose agendas live on in the Bundy ranch coalition of sovereign citizens, III-percenters, Oathkeepers, and militias.