Lynn Thomas, who was unmasked last year as the hatemonger and hypocrite behind the “Kimberlin Unmasked” Blogspot domain and Twitter account, declared bankruptcy with her husband last August. In the documents below, she claims $1000 in monthly support from her father as her income, says her clothes are worth $200 and her dog is worth $0, and asks the court to relieve her of $171,538 in liabilities — including $22,000 owed to a local taxi service and $10,000 owed to the IRS. I am left with the following questions after reading these documents:

  1. Why does she hate her dog? Seriously, no pooch wants to be told they have zero value. What’s up with that?
  2. Why wasn’t she looking for a job instead of smearing people? Maybe she was fighting an illness. Or maybe she’s been left unemployable from a lifetime of right wing extremism because two men (her husband and father) have subsidized her hobby. Whatever the reason for her mooching, she has spent an awful lot of time smearing complete strangers on the internet rather than being a ‘producer.’
  3. Does she ever regret wasting her limited lifespan on bullshit? Ms. Thomas’s family has a long, even tragic tradition of Republican politics. Perhaps she thought extremism would redeem the family name, but she has to be disappointed at the results, especially her discount wardrobe. As I look through her tweets, I am amazed at how much hatred she still indulges for being such a failed person. Doesn’t she regret anything?

Here are the documents; make of them what you will.

Lynn Thomas Bankruptcy

Lynn Thomas Bankruptcy 2


    I marvel at conservative women. Do they not have any idea what their status would be today, had conservatives prevailed? Silly question….no they don’t.

  • Bill Schmalfeldt

    Awwwwful lot of crazy in that family!

  • Lynn Thomas Is a Wingnut

    So these nutjobs on the right hate the IRS because they owe them money? Seems so. And how does one run up a 22 thousand dollar taxi bill without getting closed down before it reaches 100 dollars? This Taxi company sure got taken to the cleaners by this lunatic. Poor dog got devalued the most though at zero value.

  • Lynn Thomas Is a Wingnut

    So how many deadbeats, convicted felons, thieves, and lunatics who live in squalor in this crew does this make so far?

    Robert Stacy McCain: Bankrupt Deadbeat who welshed on his debts while he was living large with the Washington Times and who continues to beg like a homeless person for tip jar funding for his hatred of women and his need to talk about sexual perversion on a daily basis which he masks as serious journalism.

    Ali Akbar: Deadbeat Convicted Debit Card Felon and former belt buckle thief.

    Paul Lemmen: Deadbeat and Convicted Felon Impersonator who to this day tries to wear a military uniform for the III Percenters who he is likely to con out of money or some other valuable thing at some point in time.

    Lynn Thomas: Deadbeat who welshed on debts owed to the IRS and Universal Taxi Service and continues to raise money for the National Bloggers Club and Ali Akbar, while living with only 200 dollars in clothing bought from the Goodwill Store…

    William John Joseph III: Deadbeat who won’t pay his 80 dollar fine to get his license plates renewed over a traffic violation 10 years ago, yet continues to pay thousands of dollars out of his own pocket for frivolous litigation and phony peace orders against those he perceives are in need of a spanking from his perverted ass.

    Aaron “Worthing” Walker: Deadbeat Virginia Attorney who skips out on saving his coworkers from imminent harm over shit he started with Muslims over his drawings and dirty pictures of the Prophet Mohammed, while claiming he is too busy eating dinner with his wife to be bothered with urgent pleas from his former employers to save the people he worked with from Muslims whom Walker imagined would want to do him harm, but so far have left him alone for 4 years running while he cowers in fear and having his wife check the car daily for bombs.

    And this goes without mentioning all the right wing nutjob attorney’s who support these whacked out losers with their pro bono help and pleas to all comers that they will eventually win their legal cases, only it will take years and years of mounting legal bills before they can get a few counts dismissed while losing on the main counts and claiming there is no justice in the world, or Maryland because ya know, Kimberlin, who they claim owns the Maryland Judiciary lock stock and two smoking barrels.

    Yes, great bunch of whacko’s out there fore sure.

    • Mark in MD

      Don’t forget that Hoge had to be taken to court because he refused to pay the $20K he owed the hospital for his own mother’s long-term care.
      Stand up guys and gals, all of them.

      • James

        the hubris is deep

        the insanity defense would be solid

        Hard to feel sympathy for a woman who stalked another woman over her obsessive love of a sadistic psychopath who gave them both HIV

        • Penny

          This woman, and I use the term loosely, has been in my life since 2007. She was in love with my ex. She crucified me and harassed my family, then projected it back on me. We have been in a war since before Jack died. When he was alive & he & I were together, she would non-stop call him & harass me to break up with him. She would IM him while we were on our computers, call at all hours of the night because she was “hearing things”, wanted to come visit us, etc. She is a loon. I have so much more to tell but it would take up 4 blogs. One of the reasons that she is in such debt, is because Jack had her front money for him in the States to fight the legal battle that she & Skippy London & Thomas Stark were waging against me and my associate, in North Carolina. She, Skip & Jack ripped off a church & had them evicted. I helped them get back the building. She also renovated the property in NY & NC with the promise that Jack would pay her back. Newsflash—-I told her when all this was going down, that he would NEVER pay her, just like all the rest of us. But she was convinced he loved her & they would be together. Such a long story, such nonsense. She knew about the HIV because I told her to get tested. What does she do? She goes & puts my results on her old blog “Cao’s Blog” and calls me a crack smoking whore. Yup, that’s what her son & Kender did online. Last year I heard that she was sick now as well. Maybe if she had listened to me she would have had the chance that I never got.

      • Really? I was unaware of this…

        • Mark in MD

          Look up Maryland case # 100200012792003

  • James

    How the hell do you get an “open tab” with a Taxi company like that, anyway? Never heard of such a thing but there it is in her bankruptsy

    • I left that question unasked so you’d do it for me 🙂

  • Penny

    Another thing, I don’t really think that you can make tons of money on Kindle. That being said, if you have 20 some odd books on there where you use different aliases, I guess you could make some money. Also, if you have a deal with some morons, named Hoge & Walker, and write blogs of hate for them, perhaps that would give you enough to cover your bills.

    • Penny You Should Write

      Penny, you should get in touch with the editor here and maybe pen some articles… Just sayin..

  • Penny

    Her wardrobe would have been worth far more than $200 if she fit into the clothes she stole from me & my girlfriend. But she couldn’t get a thigh or an arm in any of them. Think of a sausage in casing. As far as getting a job, who would hire “Sybil”? That taxi co. she worked for, she wrote about them & filed complains against them. As far as poor “Buddy” goes, someone should rescue him from her. I can only imagine what that poor dog is going through

    • Wait, she WORKED for that taxi company???

  • Penny

    Not to overstay my visit, but you all really need to read this link from long ago from my friends. I didn’t believe all this and they warned me, and I should have listened. Please read the whole entry& you will get more insight into Cow.

    • Pennies From Heaven

      You can’t overstay your visit here Penny 🙂 Post all you want.

    • You are welcome anytime!

  • Penny

    She worked for Universal Taxi 7/2012. Read the link & get more info on “Caoilfhionn “Cao” J.’s Profile”

  • Penny
  • Penny

    By the way, doesn’t Michael (on her Friends tab) look familiar?