Lynn Thomas, who was unmasked last year as the hatemonger and hypocrite behind the “Kimberlin Unmasked” Blogspot domain and Twitter account, declared bankruptcy with her husband last August. In the documents below, she claims $1000 in monthly support from her father as her income, says her clothes are worth $200 and her dog is worth $0, and asks the court to relieve her of $171,538 in liabilities — including $22,000 owed to a local taxi service and $10,000 owed to the IRS. I am left with the following questions after reading these documents:

  1. Why does she hate her dog? Seriously, no pooch wants to be told they have zero value. What’s up with that?
  2. Why wasn’t she looking for a job instead of smearing people? Maybe she was fighting an illness. Or maybe she’s been left unemployable from a lifetime of right wing extremism because two men (her husband and father) have subsidized her hobby. Whatever the reason for her mooching, she has spent an awful lot of time smearing complete strangers on the internet rather than being a ‘producer.’
  3. Does she ever regret wasting her limited lifespan on bullshit? Ms. Thomas’s family has a long, even tragic tradition of Republican politics. Perhaps she thought extremism would redeem the family name, but she has to be disappointed at the results, especially her discount wardrobe. As I look through her tweets, I am amazed at how much hatred she still indulges for being such a failed person. Doesn’t she regret anything?

Here are the documents; make of them what you will.

Lynn Thomas Bankruptcy

Lynn Thomas Bankruptcy 2