From KATL-6

“I’ll spit on your food!” an angry Whataburger employee caught on cell phone cam tells a customer as another customer looked on with a cell phone camera recording.

That’s what an out-of-control fast food worker at a Whataburger in Shreveport, Louisiana told a customer during an argument. It happened early Saturday morning.

The employees caught on tape have already lost their jobs.

  • guitargodkc

    That’s not surprising! That’s why you should be nice and supportive of the people serving you. Don’t, and strange crap mysteriously enters your food!

    • Sithembile Eugenia

      I agree with you, you really have to be cautious of how you approach those behind the counter, you might say something at the wrong time… obviously seems like employee had a bad day, not suggesting what she did was ok, it was terrible and unacceptable, some people hate their job and take it out on customers!