Robert and Nancy Krampf of Utah were tired of the same rock squirrel making off with the food they put out for birds, so they greased the upright metal pole of their feeder with Vaseline. The result is one frustrated squirrel that has now been viewed almost 1.5 million times.

  • Squire Squirrel

    Ok, but, how does the little guy get to eat lol? I mean its a hilarious video, but my question is does the Vaseline hurt the paws or the squirrels ability to grab onto things later on? If he licks his paws will he get all that Vaseline or petrolatum products in his stomach?

  • Jasmine35

    What a determined little guy he is. He really wanted those seeds! I think that anyone that has a bird feeder knows all too well the burden of squirrels. They will always find a way to get those seeds if they want them bad enough. I was wondering the same thing though about him grabbing onto things later, will the Vaseline affect that or will it just wear off?