Does Lena Dunham have a point about the person responsible for hacking and leaking celebrity nudes from their iPhones? I think so. Not only is misogyny rampant in ‘hacker culture,’ so is very wrong pornography of all kinds. My impression from the news is that in the so-called ‘darknet,’ child porn easily out-masses actual freedom activism.

And Cenk Uygur is worried that the iCloud hacker will give hackers a bad name, because people who break laws against computer intrusion have such a hard time being recognized as the “young activists” they want us to imagine are under the Warner Brothers-trademarked mask on YouTube, and he’s totally about making us all take people on YouTube seriously.

Should the celebrity iCloud hacker be treated as a sex offender? Tell us what you think in this week’s totally-unscientific poll!

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