Recently, we have been reporting on the tactics used by Alabama Christian Coalition president James Henderson’s group in Huntsville as they try to shut down one of the state’s last clinics offering abortion services. Their dehumanizing activities spill over into neighborhoods which resent their presence, and this is not unusual. As Rachel Maddow reported a few weeks ago, protesters at the site of a future clinic in New Orleans decided for some unfathomable reason that they should instead go bother complete strangers who were worshiping at a nearby church.

Such incidents make a mockery of the religious rhetoric that antichoice activists use: they aren’t serving a god, they’re just excusing their own sick need to control the lives of other people.

14 thoughts on “Creepy Anti-Abortion Nuts Are A Real Thing”
  1. “Dehumanizing activities” as if going into your coochie with some scissors, cutting the babies spinal cord to kill it. Then snip it into pieces so it can be sucked out with a Hoover is humane? Good golly miss Mossy you Pro-Child death folks are just amazing. I love the use of the term “ant-choice” in this. Like they demand you order cheese pizza only. No choice for you!

    1. You didn’t even click through the article to see the reference re : dehumanizing. Coochie is not a medical term for human beings. Hoover is not a medical term for equipment. Unless you are able to reference real, actual medical terms or real, actual human body parts, you will always sound slike a 10 year old who just learned a bad word, lol.

      Can you come back with a well-researched, valid argument?

      1. Ratcraft has no valid arguments. Ratcraft is a troll who uses words like “coochie” in a flippant manner because he’s dismissive of human rights that don’t involve a penis.

          1. Sooo you’re okay with murdered black people who’ve been born, just not in favor of letting black women control their own bodies? Because that’s literally the definition of slavery. Why do you love slavery so much?

  2. Rat needs to catch up on modern technology – mostly no snipping of any kind involved. Mostly no sucking anymore either. Essentially anti-chioce do demand that women live “cheese pizza” only but mostly demand of poor women, since the rich have all those procedures including snipping at nearly every MDs office on every corner everyday. MDs in Alabama are allowed to perform a number of abortion procedures every year before they have to report. So when are they going to go harass the high end MDs?

    1. Ah.. But Rick Santorum’s wife didn’t have an abortion at an expensive hospital. When you go an expensive hospital to terminate a pregnancy, it’s called a “Procedure” — and anti-abortion activists don’t know the difference between a procedure and an abortion. But if you’re a Republican — you can say it was a procedure, and no one will question you.

      After all, the ONLY moral abortion is my abortion, is their mentality anyway

      1. “By abortion is different because…well, because I’m different! I’m not TRASH like THOSE women, I’m white and high class and therefore I can have all the ‘procedures’ I want!”

        1. Also I will pray! And God will forgive me!!

          I actually read an account of one woman a while back who got an abortion and returned to protest that same week at that same clinic – not b/c she regrettted it, but b/c she had ALWAYS been a protestor!! And the counselors couldn’t say anything, b/c of HIPPA laws. (Which is a good thing, really. But imagine being that confused or lost)

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