Illinois senator Mark Kirk knows what will scare his loyal Republican donors into reaching deep into their pockets during election season: an irrational fear of Michelle Obama taking the same path as Hillary Clinton. Kirk is using fear mongering as a fundraising tactic, saying that he is privy to rumors that Michelle Obama plans to challenge his office in 2016 when her husband is out of office, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Citing “press and rumor mills” as his source, Kirk’s September 5th letter explained his fears, ““. . . The press and rumor mills ponder the ‘will she or won’t she’ question with regard to Michelle Obama . . . and the circumstances (and denials) are reminiscent of 1999 when First Lady Hillary Clinton was the subject of whirlwind speculation about a run for the United States Senate.”

Michelle Obama has repeatedly stated she doesn’t plan to ever run for office. But never mind that! Just think about Hillary Clinton, who may very well run for President in 2016! Better nip any political aspirations the current First Lady may have directly in the bud – or who knows how much they could accomplish.

The fundraising plea seemed to have worked for him. As of June 30, Kirk’s main political fund reported having $1,419,695 cash-on-hand, even without any inkling of a Democratic challenger in 2016.