Remember when alert readers ‘patrolling’ the border found an ‘Islamic prayer rug’ that was actually an Adidas shirt? The lesson apparently didn’t sink in, because West Texas Sheriff Gary Painter was back on television Monday to continue spreading the right wing fantasy that the Islamic State has infiltrators sneaking across the Rio Grande.

Painter, interviewed by Fox News’ Elizabeth Hasselbeck, reiterated the warning he first said on CNN on Sept. 5, saying ISIS will be sent “to hell” if they show up. He also referenced again the report he received a few weeks ago that warned of ISIS activity in the Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, area.

[…] Painter also discussed border security in the Fox News interview, saying the U.S. and Mexico border is “wide open” because there are parts of the Rio Grande River that are dried up and “coyotes,” or human smugglers, are helping people cross the border for money. He added “Quran books” and “Muslim clothing” have been found near the border.

Assuming that someone actually did find a book printed in Arabic near the border, it’s doubtful that Painter would know whether he was looking at a copy of the Qur’an, a volume of the Hadith, or a collector’s edition of Arabian Nights. If I presented him with a lineup of my Arabic-language tomes, I expect Painter would almost certainly be unable to pick out the Qur’an from my collection of Naguib Mahfouz novels.

Fearmongering liars depend on widespread ignorance to get away with this kind of garbage. More to the point, however, they depend on unquestioning credulity from avatars of ignorance like Hasselbeck who cannot (or will not) ask basic, obvious, perfectly-logical questions for fear of being perceived as ‘liberal.’

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. At the very least, Painter’s claims deserve better evidence than unsourced, unverified rumors transmitted by self-appointed border-patrolling ammosexuals through fringe websites.

To let such statements pass without even the most basic fact-checking of any kind is the very height of irresponsible pseudo-journalism. Painter might as well be telling us that his lunatic militia buddies have found Sasquatch tracks, or the landing site of a flying saucer, while Hasselbeck grins and nods and demands “transparency” about an imaginary stand-down order in Benghazi.

3 thoughts on “Would Sheriff Painter Recognize A Qur’an If I Slapped Him With It?”
  1. Another story from Faux news? Obviously it’s not true. They don’t report news, they just report stories for leftist bloggers to rehash.

  2. Dude, awesome!! I’m favoriting this site. If you need help logically tearing their bs stories to shreds, count on me. Here are some things to ponder when these crazies cry that the sky is falling on the US/Mexican border (btw, I lived in Apizaco, Tlaxcala, Mexico for 4 years so I understand their side of the stories as well).

    1. World terrorists are NOT going to take the most difficult path to get into the US. They never have and never will. 9/11??? Straight from Saudi Arabia to San Diego and Florida. They did not go through Mexico. That’s the stupidest idea ever.

    2. If you want a porous border, the US/Canadian one is the best around. No border patrol, no fence, no crazies hanging around waiting for you. Go anywhere along that border and it’s a piece of cake.

    3. Mexican drug cartels have a pretty sweet deal right now. They make enough killing noise to scare the gringos while ensuring that their drugs and human trafficking is enough to make them rich, but not so noticeable to make the gringos start hunting them down. The moment they start helping terrorists into the US is the moment their welcome mat is withdrawn and the US starts hunting them down big time. They know which side their bread is buttered and they know the rules.

    4. Terrorists would make a big mistake looking for help from these cartels. Not just #3, but the guns and weapons the terrorists may have would be pretty handy as additional tools for the lucky cartel that suckered them into joining. Hey, they might even get extra brownie points from the local sheriffs for handing over dead terrorists that the US police could claim, “We found these terrorists crossing and we made them pay.” This concept is not lost on the terrorists, trust me.

    5. There are terror cells already in the US. They didn’t pack up and leave on 9/12. But amazingly enough, they haven’t made much noise since then either. It’s almost like they’re waiting for instructions from their bosses. Things that make ya go hhhmmmmmmm…………………

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