New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Republican challenger, Rob Astorino, is out with a new ad this week meant to either appeal to little children in kindergarten, or the 4Chan crowd, or maybe both..Although it reminds this writer more of a Saturday morning cereal commercial than a hard-hitting political plea, what do I know?

The ad, Astorino’s latest,  doesn’t have much substance. It’s the second in a series of ads where he uses children to deliver his political jabs, saying he isn’t going to fling any mud…while the children in the commercial sling large dark globs of it, accusing Cuomo of a bunch of make-believe crimes, like imprisoning Santa, de-horning unicorns, and just being an awful, awful person. (At least in the eyes of a bunch of five year old kids.) The commercial ends with a positive statement about Astorino, and lets us know that unlike Cuomo, he’s not going to bring the election down to mud-level with a bunch of nutty ad hominem attacks. Nope, he’s totally not going to do that… These kids do it for him:

“Unicorn Killer” from Rob Astorino on Vimeo.

Last week, Astorino also exploited his own son to make a heated political ad, accusing Cuomo’s campaign of cutting the child out of a photo to run a negative political ad and lambasting them for hurting the kid’s feelings.  (The photo originally showed Astorino and his son attending a Dolphins game.) Cuomo’s campaign said they did this to comply with privacy laws — you’re not allowed to use a photo of a minor without written permission from their parents — plus, who would exploit a little kid for a political ad? Oh…right… Astorino would, and did:

Maybe a nagging 6-year-old will lambast her mommy and daddy on voting day, demanding that they not vote for “that bad man”? Astorino is considered a long shot candidate, so maybe that’s all he can really hope for. Or maybe he’s hoping to at least line up some sort of ad award as a concession prize? That’s what Cuomo’s campaign spokesperson seems to think.