Jim Zeigler is an elder care attorney with no job experience whatsoever to qualify him for the position of state auditor. It is something of a statewide joke that his website, www.zeiglerstory.com, is just a fake WikiPedia page. Perhaps he’s worried that having the ‘R’ next to his name might not be enough to beat Democrat Miranda Joseph, who has actual qualifications for a job auditing Alabama agencies, because Zeigler turned up at a closed clinic in Huntsville last Friday to burnish his pro-life credentials.

The OBGYN clinic, which has been the scene of much anti-choice activity in the last several months, was recently approved for a zoning variance that will allow the Alabama Women’s Wellness Center to relocate there. Abortion opponents are appealing that decision by claiming that their own disruptive activities ought to justify Huntsville ignoring the plain English language of its own zoning laws.

After initially ignoring two “no trespassing” signs when he arrived at the clinic last Friday, Zeigler spent less than ten minutes whispering through a malfunctioning bullhorn before leaving. Clinic volunteers say they were unable to hear what he had to say, but Ziegler has reason to think this campaign stop helped him anyway. As countrycat points out at LeftInAlabama.com, this strategy is pretty much how Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh became President of the Alabama Public Service Commission despite her first name being ‘Twinkle.’

Idiocracy takes many forms, but in electoral politics it is most recognizable when unqualified hacks like Zeigler and Cavanaugh win control of critical state offices by impressing reactionary voters on hot-button issues that are completely unrelated to the job they are asking to perform. State law enforcement agencies are mysteriously losing guns these days, and Alabama is in desperate need of a good auditor, but if history is any guide we’ll end up with this clown instead.

JIm Ziegler
Jim Zeigler