Sarah Palin is becoming less like a movie star and more like a crazy relative that the young Republican set has to make excuses for. On The Howard Stern Show this week, Meghan McCain explained her relationship with Sarah Palin in a frank and honest manner. McCain recounted her initial impressions when she was introduced to Palin back in 2008, when her father was running for office.

Back then, Mccain greeted Palin as a star-struck kid, and looked up to her. “When I first met her, I really liked her because I thought she was a politician like I’d never seen,” said McCain. “She was beautiful, she had children, she had a newborn baby. And, you know, most politicians aren’t like that. They’re much older, and I didn’t have a lot to relate to them about.”

That relationship has changed — and it seems Meghan doesn’t really want Palin hogging the spotlight. In fact, maybe Palin can go away now because she’s embarrassing the Young Republican set?

“And now, it’s very awkward because everybody asks me and, you know, she’s getting arrested or her children are getting arrested, whatever, for brawling and bar fights,” McCain told Stern.

“When people ask me about it,” McCain said, “it’s like my crazy aunt or something that people all want to tell me about.”

Don’t these old unhip Republicans know Meghan really prefers to talk about important things — like how out of touch the older GOP set really is?

And how being a young Republican that supports gay marriage “is a bitch”?

h/t Mediaite

[Image Credit: Politico]

By Hypatia Livingston

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9 thoughts on “Meghan Mccain Says Relationship With Palin Is ‘Like My Crazy Aunt ‘”
    1. Correction – That is TWICE elected Joe. Something Sarah the swindler of the stupid can only dream of ever have happening.

  1. That picture is worth more than a thousand words, wow, talk about a look into a scary future. I would hide if my last name was Palin just to avoid getting any random questions about the crazy lady. I don’t think I could keep a straight face trying to answer a question that did not go off the deep end and spill all of the family beans.

  2. Who in their right mind chooses to keep up a relationship with a crazy aunt? Come on, even if she’s loaded, what makes you think she’ll leave anything to you? It’s already gone into gold hawked on Glen Beck’s show.

    1. I have no idea, I disowned mine before I was able to drive a car legally. Sometimes you gotta feel for the families that deal with the nut jobs in every party. It seems like no-one is sane anymore.

  3. She finds the best things to talk about, haha. There are much more important hings she could be talking about. I don’t understand why she continues to maintain a relationship with someone she obviously doesn’t like.

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