Leaders, influencers and celebrities gathered from all around the world to celebrate with Reverend Al Sharpton at his 60th birthday party. Sharpton’s birthday also coincided with the National Action Network’s African American Vanguard Awards.

Even though it was a time for celebrating, Sharpton decidedly could not take a day off from his concerns with upcoming elections. He spoke about the growing movement of “voter ID” laws and other worrisome moves toward voter suppression from the far right.

“We are seeing them chip away at voting rights. If the right wing takes the senate, we will not be able to confirm the attorney general. We will not be able to confirm any of the Presidents nominations, we will not be able to maintain the healthcare, and they will try to impeach the President for no reason, so this is a vital election,” said Sharpton.

When asked about his thoughts regarding the Ebola situation and the coverage in the media, Shartpton says, ” I think the media has been hysterical, rather than informative.”

See the full interview below:

  • cacodoxy

    He has a point on the Eloba issue, just think morning some idiot on the local radio station decided to let it slip that a website reporeted our local hospital having a patient in there. Within an hour the only thing you could see is Ebola and the name of our town all over local websites. Come to find out it was a total screw-up.

    P.S. Ebola is incorrectly spelled within the article. 🙂

    • Principia

      Reported is incorrectly spelled within your post…these are just typos.

      The egregious mis-wording comes from Issa, who seems to think Ebola is Eboli. This he uses in an official statement during a committee hearing of which he Chairs. He’s never been accused of being bright…far from it…but he and/or at least his staff needs to get things like this correct if he’s going to do the unnecessary “everything is scary and it’s Obama’s fault” thingie. Issa is pretty worthless.

      • Pedro

        Compared to the current administration that has done nothing to deal with this other than hash tags? How about ISIS vs ISIL? These are NOT typos, they are the sign of indifference, stupidity, and a lack of executive experience.

    • Thanks for the heads-up & thanks for commenting

  • Angelice

    I completely agree with him on the Ebola issue. The media has taken this and turned it into something rather dramatic. They have so many people worried and panicking. I have friends who are stocking up on food and water. I really blame the media for that.

    • Principia

      Are you serious? Every opening they can get to bleat their cacophonous fear horns, conservatives are grabbing media and shouting “scary, scary, scary…everyone’s going to die! bleat bleat bleat bleat…

      • Pedro

        Kinda like the racial baiting going on with the left eh? Notice any similarities?

  • Pedro

    We should listen to the most racially dividing person in the news. Al has seen his time and it has passed long ago.

    • Bendal

      Thank you for that, Pedro! You took the words right out of my mouth. Sharpton could be a great influence and promote unity, but instead he bashes and divides. There are folks on the right who do this, of course, but this is about Sharpton and in my opinion he isn’t doing anything to bring people together.

  • winsmith

    Was Detective Steven Pagones there? The guy he smeared in the 80’s and falsely claimed raped Tawana Brawley (who’s still paying damages)? How about the family members of the victims of the Crown Heights riots and Freddie’s Fashion Mart? Are they there too?