As if we need more reminders of this sad chapter in Michael Vick’s life. One of his former dogs who later turned into a therapy pup has headed to doggie heaven. Sad day when any pet passes on of course. More from people magazine below:

Hector’s last days were great ones. And his very last day is a memory hisadoptive parents Roo and Clara Yori will hold tight in their hearts forever.

“The sun was shining, the frogs were out for me to chase at the pond, and I had Roo and Clara to carry me off the trail when my legs just couldn’t go any further,” reads a Facebook post about the former Michael Vick dog’s last day on earth, which his owners wrote on his behalf.

“I called shotgun to assume my co-pilot position on the way to the vet, where I passed away surrounded by people who love me. I think my past life caught up with me and caused my time to come a little early. However, I can proudly say that I gave it everything I had all the way until the end.”

Hector’s new beginning began at about 3 years old when he was plucked from football quarterback Michael Vick’s dogfighting ring (Vick served 21 months in prison). Luckily for the pooch the timing was right and the Yoris were in the market for a new pup. They took the gentle giant home from the Bad Rap shelter in San Francisco in 2008.

“I fell in love with him as a dog,” Andrew “Roo” Yori told PEOPLE in 2010. “It was so obvious that he had scars that show what he’s been through, but they were completely external. Inside, he was just like any other dog – he impressed me.”

Roo wasn’t the only one. Certified as a therapy dog and having passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test twice, Hector visited nursing homes, hospitals and schools with Clara, where people young and old marveled at his sweet temperament.

Hector savored his last days by taking walks, going to acupuncture appointments, celebrating Pit Bull Awareness Day on Oct. 25 and even dressing like a turtle for Halloween. He passed away on Monday from cancer, but those happy images are how Hector wants to be remembered.

“Try not to be sad,” reads Hector’s last Facebook post. “Instead celebrate my life. While I wish I could have lived a little longer, I passed knowing I won the game that is my life.”

Turtle Power

A Pit Stop at the Beach

Best Friends Fur-ever



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3 thoughts on “Former Michael Vick Dog Turned Therapy Pup Dies”
  1. I really despise Michael Vick for what he did to those dogs. I’ve seen so many documentaries on it. I am glad this dog got a second chance. At least he got some happiness before he passed away.

  2. It’s terrible what some of these animals have to go through. I’ve seen some pretty bad situations myself when I volunteer at my local shelter. You just want to save them all even though you know you can’t. I’m glad that there was a happy ending for this pup, even if it was only a short one.

  3. It’s so terrible that he had such a terrible start in life, but I am happy that he knew the love a family and found a wonderful home. Hector the dog was even able to help many people and improve their lives for the better. There are so many humans who never accomplish even half of what Hector did.

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