today is the day to vote

Today is the big day that leadership changes are voted in across the country, but only about 44% of registered voters plan to vote this election season. If you’re like many Americans, you may not be registered to vote today, but that doesn’t mean your voice can’t be counted. Often younger voters discover at the last minute that an issue they care about or a candidate they don’t want in office is on the ballot during midterms. (And if you ARE registered to vote, why not nag your millennial friends, your kid brothers and sisters, or even drive your elderly neighbor to the polls?)

In many states, voters can now make last-minute voting decisions easily. In fact, in many hotly-contested voting districts, the option could make or break a politicians’ chance for success.

Where Is Same-Day Voting Possible?

Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Washington DC all the states currently allow same-day voter registration on Election Day. There are pilot programs testing out same-day voter registration in Utah, but they’re not available in every county, so check with your local county clerk’s office to see if your area is eligible.

Many of these states have special requirements for same-day registration voters. (Like in Maine, where same-day voter registrations can only happen at town office and city halls, not at regular polling places) so read up to learn the rules if you want to know same-day voting options. on this state-by-state guide to same-day voting registration requirements before trying to register on Election Day.

Learn the rules for last-minute voter registrations here.

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