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The mayor of Minneapolis has issued an official statement to combat a news report accusing her of flashing a gang sign in a photo. KSTP-TV aired a report Thursday night quoting the head of the Minneapolis police union saying that a photo taken November 1st showed Mayor Betsy Hodges and a community activist, flashing a known gang sign at each other. The activists’ face was blurred, and the report implied that it was dangerous to identify the activist, who had been working on a get-out-the-vote effort. His shirt was also blurred out — although apparently the word that was censored from it was “vote”. So scary.

Police described the activist simply as a “convicted felon”.

Hodges’s spokeswoman, Kate Brickman, told The Associated Press on Friday that the photo merely shows the mayor and Navell Gordon, an employee of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change “pointing at each other” while knocking on doors to get out the vote in north Minneapolis.

The story (and its racist overtones) quickly gained traction online, with a large and much-needed dose of mockery that went viral. Hundreds of tweets ridiculed the report or spoke out about its racism. Here are a few of the best from the hashtag #Pointergate.

By Hypatia Livingston

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One thought on “No, The Mayor Of Minneapolis Wasn’t Flashing A Gang Sign”
  1. if anything it was not a gang sign but the sign of a fake gun. Kind of like the way the little kid got kicked out of school for doing something similar. I find this really funny that people just assume she is out flashing signs like that, kind of like she has nothing better to do with her job and responsibilities.

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