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Prosecutors in Dupage County, Illinois want to revoke bail of a man charged with vandalizing a west suburban synagogue because he told his mother he planned to “shoot Jews,” according to The Chicago Tribune.

John White, the 40-year-old defendant from Westmont, pleaded not guilty to hate crime, institutional vandalism and armed violence counts after his alleged defacement of a Lombard synagogue last month. His attorney had initially planned seek a reduction in White’s bail, which was set last month at $5 million. That request has been delayed since the prosecutors announcement yesterday that they White held–without bail.

“The defendant has clearly expressed his intention to kill or cause harm to those of the Jewish faith,” Assistant State’s Attorney Joe Lindt wrote in the petition the court. “If he is admitted to bail he poses a real and present threat to the physical safety of any Jewish person.”

“No conditions of bond could appropriately protect the threatened victims of this case,” Lindt added.

White was arrested by Lombard police on Oct. 21, after they responded to a call at the Congregation Etz Chaim synagogue. The officers and found White defacing the grassy lawns with his vehicle. He’s already damaged the building. He had broken windows on the building and scrawled anti-Semitic slogans.

At the time, police found an ax and machetes and other weapons in his possession. But he’d left his guns at home.

When authorities obtained a search warrant for the residence White shared with his mom, they found four handguns, a rifle, a shotgun and thousands of rounds of ammunition. They interviewed White’s mother, who told them his plans. “Police spoke to the defendant’s mother who related to police that before the defendant left the house, he told her he was going to ‘shoot Jews,”’ according to the petition. She told police that White has a long history of bipolar disorder.

White is a trust fund kid that allegedly has access to millions of dollars his family trust, so prosecutors think he poses a significant danger and flight risk if he’s let out on bail.

By Hypatia Livingston

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  1. I never understood why Jewish people get picked on so much. I’m glad he didn’t hurt anyone. I just can’t understand that kind of hate.

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