A campus group called PoliTech went around interviewing students for a their Youtube show, “Politically-Challenged.”

The video illustrates a shocking level of ignorance among students of Texas Tech, a public college that boasts 35,000 enrolled students a year.

The sample group was diverse. But the confusion about historical events was a constant that was palpable throughout the interviews of the students, who admittedly seemed to be caught off-guard by the basic history quiz.

Perhaps it can be blamed on Texas’s faulty textbooks. It seems that Texas is achieving its goal of keeping the population poor, dumb and superstitious. They do this by censoring actual science out of textbooks to reflect Christian theology. They also interweave theology with real-life historical events.  For example, Kathleen Wellman, a history professor at Southern Methodist University, told CBS News that many books give Moses – the biblical Hebrew leader who received the Ten Commandments from God – credit for influencing the U.S. Constitution, so much so that Texas students might believe Moses was literally the first American. They also have been trying to rewrite history because they feel actual history is “too favorable” to people like Hillary Clinton and doesn’t concentrate enough on the virtues of conservative heroes like Ronald Reagan.

As Jacqueline Jones, chairwoman of the University of Texas’ History Department, put it during an interview in September, “We do our students a disservice when we scrub history clean of unpleasant truths,” Jones explained. “And when we present an inaccurate view of the past that promotes a simple-minded, ideologically driven point of view.”


    • This is truly a disgrace. These public schools are a joke, but unfortunately, some people just can’t do otherwise because they can’t afford anything else.

      • I know someone who’s ex has their kids in a homeschool group. It has something to do with her church. I’m an atheist so I don’t recommend church but the homeschool group sounds intriguing. The woman is a single mom with 4 kids. The father, unfortunately, has been a deadbeat for the last 10-12 years. I’m not sure how much help she got from her church because I’m friends with the father’s brother and don’t really talk to the parents.

  1. While I find it ridiculous that any college student wouldn’t know such a basic historical fact, this one video doesn’t accurately reflect the educational system in Texas. Well, it might, but there’s no proof here. The videographers chose the people based on the idea of making a funny video so they didn’t choose the best and brightest.

  2. Oh man. We have to be transparent when it comes to our history! This is terrifying. We have got to get our educational system in order.


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