Mt Carmel Sovereign Citizen

Cody Christopher Strunk, a 30-year-old Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania man led police on two-hour foot chase last Thursday — all because he didn’t feel the state had a right to make him pay a tax to register his vehicle. Registration of a motor vehicle in Pennsylvania requires you proof of ownership and insurance, and costs  $36.

Now, Strunk faces a litany of charges. He ran as a last-ditch attempt to dodge a warrant for his arrest on six charges stemming from an unregistered vehicle, according to local news website The News-Item.

Strunk was wanted on charges of counterfeit documents, theft of moveable property, and other charges related to the theft and forgery of vehicle registration. Owens had affixed a stolen registration plate belonging to another man on his silver Jeep Liberty.

When questioned by Chief Todd Owens on the 20th, Strunk said a friend had given it to him, and he did not know the friend’s name. He also let the officer know he thought it was a stupid law — he didn’t believe a vehicle should require a registration plate. He then “attempted to engage Owens in a discussion on the Constitution and claimed to be a sovereign citizen”, the chief said.

Owens told him he must still obey by local and state laws, including the motor vehicle code.

Strunk admitted he had placed the stolen registration plates on his vehicle, Owens said. The vehicle was impounded and Strunk was told he would be facing charges.

Strunk chose to run, and he led the chief and law enforcement on a two hour chase by foot. Constable Larry Rompollo nearly captured him on the porch of a residence. Strunk broke free and assaulted Rompollo, who sustained minor injuries in the effort.

Stunk will now face additional charges, including two counts of simple assault, aggravated assault and flight to avoid apprehension.

Something tells me it would have been much easier to pay for his own car registration.

[Image Credit: MIKE STAUGAITIS/The News-Item]

By Hypatia Livingston

"Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all."Writer, thinker, researcher, philosopher.

4 thoughts on “Sovereign Citizen Led Mount Carmel PA Police On Two Hour Chase”
  1. Another genius criminal that manages to dig his own hole a little deeper. Seriously, what in the world was this guy thinking? Just think what his lousy $36.00 registration has now just cost the taxpayers.

  2. Wow! Where does one even start with this story. These “sovereign” citizens have been coming out of the woodwork lately, but this guy takes the cake. He definitely should have just paid the $36.00 and gone on his merry way instead of assaulting an officer of the law and just plain making a fool of himself.

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