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Right-wing extremist commentator Stan Solomon and his friend, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, took to the airwaves this week to lament gun control and politicians.

First they credited court rulings striking down Washington, D.C., gun laws for a drop in homicides in the city while complaining that the city council members and others in the community who support gun control are “criminals’ friends” who “hate self-defense.”

Both men agreed that “thugs in government” are worse than violent criminals. But what to do? It’s totally unfair that elections were held and these awful thugs won re-election, while some more awful thugs will also be taking office, soon.

“It’s hard to get rid of these politicians,” Pratt said.

Solomon agreed with that assessment. That’s why the 2nd Amendment is so important, he says. “That’s why we need to have guns, you know what, more than one politician has been dispatched while doing a dance trying to avoid certain, shall we say, metal jackets.”


By Hypatia Livingston

"Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all."Writer, thinker, researcher, philosopher.

6 thoughts on “Gun Activists Say They Want To ‘Dispatch’ Politicians With ‘Metal Jackets’”
  1. I would like to see more of these cases get investigated. I believe in our right to free speech, but not when it speaks of harming others and making these kind of threats.

    1. Indeed, that was clearly a threat he communicated; he thinks that because he was being “clever” it was not a threat but a reasonable person would conclude it was.

  2. It seems like these creeps are just out to make money off of the gun suckers. The right wing is gullible and the traveling salesmen know this. Conservative lawyers know this very well. Jay Sekalow raises millions a year and puts a nice chunk in his own pocket by working up the anti choice crowd.

    1. Indeed! GOA, the NRA and other such organizations love when there is a gun ban or other proposal, it brings them in millions.
      Frankly, I also make money as well. With my military background I am easily accepted by these anti-government militia groups that Pratt preys off of. I join and am their best member, a real go getter. What they don’t know though is that I am handing over information, names, license plate numbers, locations of weapons caches, contingency plans, plots (and these people are ANGRY and have a lot of enemies they want to get even with) and other information to the ATF and FBI; I am a paid “consultant” and it is a nice supplement to my retirement income.
      Truth be told though; I’d do it for free because I love the America I live in and want to protect it from being destroyed by fake patriots who think that tearing my country to shreds is some sort of noble cause.

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