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As long as the Koch brothers live and Fox News has an audience, we’ll be confronted with wing nuttery and fame-seeking nutjobs who fancy themselves to be the next James O’Keefe, Cliven Bundy or Rand Paul.

An ambitious, armed gun-law rebellion in Washington state is being led by a home schooled, self-employed “liberty activist” who believes himself to be a bit of all three.

Meet Gavin Seim, who bills himself as a “liberty speaker” (wingnut translation: “will shill for money”) and “former Congressional candidate” on his website.  (Although he didn’t actually make it past the primary – and in fact, came in 8th place.) With no educational credentials to speak of — Seim was home schooled up until age 17, when his parents allowed him to started his own business using photography and Photoshop skills — Seim is working hard to get a moment in the sun to tell the masses of Fox viewers and Breitbart readers how everything that’s written into law is against the foundation of the Constitution.

And by everything, he means everything.

The best part about the “fact” that these laws are lawless?

According to Seim, all it takes is an act of massive disobedience to undo them.

The biography on his website tells us a lot about “self-made” activist (grammatical errors preserved):

“Gavin is a dynamic liberty speaker from Washington who ran for congress in 2014. He takes government lawlessness head on and educates people on the Constitution and what makes America tick, while discussing solutions and conversation we can use to take back our liberty.

Gavin was home schooled and started his own business at age 17. He’s a passionate patriot with a wife and three children. He loves to help people get informed about America and knows how to start big conversations. He believed it’s way past time for government to get their filthy hands of our faith, our families and our freedom.”

In April, 2014, Gavin Seim managed to hilariously insert himself into a video alongside several legislators who said they were  forming a coalition meant to respond to citizen/federal government  conflicts. The insertion — best dubbed a video-bomb — was purposefully timed, and the title was well thought out to give the impression that he, too, was invited to be a part of the coalition.

However, Seim didn’t speak, so we’re left to wonder what, if anything, he had to actually contribute to conversation, other than “me too.”

In July, Seim made headlines as a candidate who endorsed Cliven Bundy’s racist rants lamenting the end of slavery, then explained why every law that the US makes, from street sign laws to property tax, are illegal.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I wouldn’t trust congress to boil hot dogs properly,” Seim said. “The last thing I want them managing is our water; the last thing I want them managing is our resources. We need to throw the federal government out of managing things that they are not mandated in the constitution.”

While running for office, Seim also took it upon himself to pursue what he described as “lawless” behavior in his own James O’Keefe video-sting style video “gotcha”.

His video dramatics concentrated on the absence of a lock box in a local government building for gun enthusiasts to deposit their weapons into when asked to disarm.

To fight this travesty, Seim staged an event where he would badger the Grant County Courthouse into installing a box. He entered the courthouse, and because he asked the cops where the drop box was, they assumed he had entered the building with weaponry. A hubbub ensued. Officers patted him down to ensure he was unarmed and Seim was released. But not without Seim turning the camera on himself and staging a meltdown over his “rights,” claiming the cops roughed him up for no reasons, and trampled on his LIBERTY!!

Eleven days later, after dealing with Seim, the courthouse installed a drop box, probably hoping to never have to deal with the in-your-face “liberty activist” again.

In October, Seim had a video go viral where he “pulled over” a deputy of the law for daring to carry out his duties in an unmarked police car. (Seim thinks Washington state law prohibits police and sheriff’s deputies from using unmarked patrol cars unless they are specifically pulling undercover duties, and that it’s his right as a citizen to pull over cops and badger them if he feels they are carrying out the duties wrongly.) The cop was good-humored about it — it seems they are used to Seim’s antics by now — and explained the statute allows them an exception and that his vehicle was new, so it lacked decals.

After the video went viral, Seim began promoting his rally, complete with stickers to buy via Facebook and another video diatribe about “lawless laws”. While discussing the fact that “gun activists” don’t have to comply with “lawless” new regulations, Seib explains to his fans why the only solution to laws you don’t like is to refuse to comply, completely.

He says that if enough people rebel and show up with their weapons to sell, or trade, then the police will have no choice but to refuse arrests.

(This is the same video in which he compares child rape to complying with background checks and registrations.)

By the way — Seim also spent a great deal of his young life as a performer — a ventriloquist, to be exact.

Sounds like he’s got a great future in Tea Party politics.

Oh boy.


[Image Credit: Joe Utter/Columbia Basin Herald]

By Hypatia Livingston

"Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all."Writer, thinker, researcher, philosopher.

2 thoughts on “‘The Law Is Lawless’: Cliven Bundy Sympathizer Behind Armed Gun Law Rebellion”
  1. As long as the Koch brothers live and Fox news have an audience, we’ll be confronted with wing nuttery and fame-seeking nutjobs who fancy themselves to be the next James O’Keefe, Cliven Bundy or Rand Paul. You should add racist homophobes too.

  2. Why do we even give people like this a media platform to stand on? I say yank it out from under him and treat him exactly like the idiotic, attention seeking fool that he is making himself out to be. What a loon.

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