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The woman who went viral last week for her crazy Monster energy drink conspiracy theory just became a hero to millions hundreds of Islamaphobic right-wingers desperate to ban non-Christian prayers at the National Cathedral.

Christine Weick was caught on video disrupting a Muslim prayer service being held at the National Cathedral last Friday, November 14th.

You see, she told conspiracy website WorldNetDaily, God made her “invisible” so she could sneak past security and deliver her message to the stunned audience. Weick explained that God had called her to make the 400 mile drive to interrupt the prayer service. God, of course, gave her a “thumbs up” from a “strange” clapping woman along her 400 mile drive from Tennessee to D.C.

Of course, God then got her past security. Not quite sure what to do next, she hid in the bathroom praying over and over again before she realized that she had become “invisible.”

When she was sure she was visible again, she waited for the Imam to call for prayer. Then Weick stood up and shouted:

“Jesus Christ died on that cross. He is the reason we are to worship only Him. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior,” she said. “We have built …allowed you your mosques in this country. Why don’t you worship in your mosques and leave our churches alone? We are a country founded on Christian principles.”

This is not the first time Weick has been “called” to do things in the name of God. In fact, she has lost many friends and family members to her wildly offensive religious demonstrations. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to stop, she told World Net Daily. No siree:

“I have a son and a daughter, and they disowned me. I took a stand against gay marriage and I lost them. That is my heartache. And it hurts me so much. And I wonder what they think now when they see me on the news.”

Weick said she doesn’t know what her next “assignment” will be, but she knows now she can tackle almost anything.

“I told the Lord last night, ‘OK, you can take me now,’ but I don’t know,” she said. “I think He may have other plans for me, per Jeremiah 29: 11.”

Be prepared to see this woman recruited for a senator spot in 2016.  Or at least a television spot. I’m pretty certain she could give Sarah Palin a run for her money in terms of doing things that are outlandish, crazy and just plain offensive.

h/t Dangerous Minds

By Hypatia Livingston

"Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all."Writer, thinker, researcher, philosopher.

18 thoughts on “‘Monster Is The Devil’s Energy Drink’ Video Star Interrupted Muslim Prayer Event”
      1. I don’t drink that stuff either. It tastes of chemicals.

        On another note, Barrett Brown’s sentencing has been postponed again. He was set to be sentenced next Monday. Now I’m not sure. He’s spent 2 years 2 months in prison already, arguably for trying to expose corruption amongst government security contractors. The only places I am able to find any information about what’s happening now is on Twitter, freebarrettbrown.org and a few anon chats that are floating around. I don’t know if you have any connections that you could use to find things out or any information that you could share, but I think there’s a need for a story to come out about now.

        1. Thank you, I think you may be correct.

          I haven’t been following the case very closely, so I will probably need a day or two to catch up.

          Actually I’d been reading Uber stories on privacy the past few days and Brown’s case came to mind — he’s the first journalist I remember who said corporations were spying and working to discredit journalists

          Thanks for the suggestion

          1. I believe you’re right. It was team Themis I think. It was exposed by the anonymous hack of HBGary. They were trying to smear glenn greenwald and Julian Assange among others if I remember correctly. I wish I could give you some links or something that would help but I’ve had a hard time finding stuff myself.

    1. That depends on the person and what you like. I have had a few and if I need to drink one I stick with the low calorie (light blue mark on the can) one. I am guessing those who don’t like the taste of taurine is what puts some people off from it and others alike. I doubt I am drinking Satan though.

      1. I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in satan. I was being facetious. Our family tries to avoid non organic or GMO foods. If there is a devil, he lives in the genetically modified foods. I wouldn’t think drinking that stuff is good for you. There are many more natural ways to get energy.

        1. Just because something is natural does not mean someone will buy it. We live in the age of quick fixes, if you don’t have something that works almost instantly it is like you have just fallen off the market.

  1. I remember the day when God speaking to you was defined as auditory hallucinations and resulted in a stay in the mental hospital. Since Regan dismantled that part of the mental health system, most of the mentally ill are given either a megaphone for their religious delusions or if violent, they end up in prison.

    1. I agree with you. There must be something else going on with this woman. If she really thinks that God is speaking to her, then maybe her family should not have disowned her, maybe they should have gotten her the help she truly needs.

  2. This women just seems really nutty. I’m not an energy drink person but to say that? I tend to wonder how some people can be so stupid. Who knows, she might just be doing it for the attention that we are giving her.

  3. Surely, others can see that this woman is seriously delusional, right? Why hasn’t she been committed to a hospital somewhere so they can medicate her? Unbelievable!

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