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An Elkhorn, Wisconsin high school student’s phone was seized via search warrant after a female student at the school told the principal that she had been receiving violent text threats.

Christ Trottier, principal of Elkhorn Area High School, told authorities that a 16-year-old student at the school told him she was receiving text messages from another student who told her he “wanted to kill UN peacekeepers”.

According to Lake Geneva News, he then sent a series of chilling messages:

He also sent a text about “killing 250 and injuring 150.”

The youth sent photos to the girl of a semiautomatic pistol and an AR-15-type rifle that he claimed to own.

He then said he would go to the girl’s house and shoot himself in front of her after killing 18 sheriff’s deputies and blowing up six squad cars.

His text read in part: “I would rather kill others and myself before I am alone.”

Apparently, it was not a completely idle threat. There were guns in his parents’ home.

After they were notified and examined the messages, police called the mother of the alleged texter, who assured police that she had “taken all of the guns away.” She refused to hand over her son’s phone without a warrant, but gave it over once police returned a few hours later.

Elkhorn Police Capt. John Anzalone said he couldn’t reveal whether the individual was taken into custody, but he doesn’t believe there is a threat to public safety. When Lake Geneva News pressed further, he declined to elaborate.

“We would never place the public in harm’s way,” Anzalone said. “We would always act with caution.”

Hopefully the kid’s been sent away for some inpatient counseling.

Elkhorn school Superintendent Jason Tadlock said that the student who owns the phone is facing discipline from the school district for the texts.

“Everything has been reported and handled appropriately,” Tadlock said in a telephone interview with Lake Geneva News.

By Hypatia Livingston

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2 thoughts on “Wisconsin High School Student Sent Threats With Photos Of AR-15”
  1. Clearly, the firearms are the threat. They could “go off” on their own. Ignore the human loading it, aiming it, and pulling the trigger . . . it’s not their fault. Please ban them all.

  2. I hope that this young man will receive all the help that he can get. This is usually that “cry for help” that everyone is always talking about and I’m glad that they didn’t let this slide. Who knows what could have happened if that girl hadn’t come forward.

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