Albert Morris Jr.

49-year-old Albert Morris Jr., a former Jefferson Parish, Louisiana deputy got off scot-free when Judge John Molaison ruled he did not break the rules of his probation by hiding 108 firearms at his Old Jefferson property.

Morris is barred from possessing firearms because he pleaded guilty to a felony last July of aggravated obstruction of a highway. His weapons collection was impressive. He had an arsenal, according to

… on Sept. 24, his probation officer found Morris’ weapons collection, including a fully automatic rifle, a grenade launcher attached to an AR-15 rifle, smoke and tear gas grenades and thousands of rounds of ammunition, stashed underneath a staircase at his Shrewsbury Road property. The possession of firearms while on probation, and not the type of weapons Morris owned, led Assistant District Attorney Jerry Smith to seek to have the probation revoked.

The Sheriff’s Office seized the weapons, and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tested a .45-caliber pistol in his possession with a barrel threaded to accept silencers, said Col. Tim Scanlan, who heads the Sheriff’s Office Crime Laboratory. Silencers, used to muffle the report of a gun when fired, are illegal in Louisiana. Scanlan also showed Judge Molaison Morris’ H&K Model 53, a fully automatic rifle that he said is illegal in Louisiana and Morris’ AR-15 with a 37mm grenade launcher attached.

If his probation had been violated by the judge, he would have gone on to serve at least part of a 15-year prison sentence. Morris paraded several witnesses — none of them officers of the law — in front of the judge, including himself, who said they didn’t believe that Morris did anything wrong.

Apparently the judge bought the act. “I do believe that there was an attempt to violate the terms of probation,” Molaison said. “I also believe there was an attempt to comply. For that reason I am not revoking Mr. Morris’ probation.”

Molaison also found Morris was in contempt of court by failing to tell his probation officers that the weapons were still on his property. He ordered Morris to serve 90 days in the parish jail. He’s already been in jail for 60 days, so he will be released soon.

“I can’t begin to say in the most serious terms, Mr. Morris,” Molaison lectured him. “You’ve got to comply with the terms of your probation.”

Morris’s current five year probation sentence came from the same judge, when he pleaded guilty to the obstruction of a highway charge. In October 2013, Morris discovered an undercover Jefferson Parish narcotics agent poking around his property. The agent was apparently there for his 22 year-old son, Albert S. Morris. The agent knew her cover was blown, so she fled. Morris then chased the agent down alongside his son, and pulled a gun. His son fought the agent, and they both ended up under arrest.

Part of it was caught on film:

Morris’s probation officer, Patrick O’Brien, really thinks his parolee is a danger, and that his probation needs to be revoked ASAP. He told that the probation officers had been concerned about Morris’ “rather extensive firearm collection.” The officers had previously searched his residence, and Morris even showed them the empty gun safes, he said. “We were always concerned about his possession of firearms and the possible dangerous outcome,” O’Brien said.

A domestic violence incident led to the search of his home on September 24th.

He is facing separate criminal charges for false imprisonment and domestic violence.

By Hypatia Livingston

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17 thoughts on “Ex-Sheriff’s Deputy Caught With 108 Firearms While On Probation Gets Off Scot-Free”
  1. Well, if we don’t let him keep his 108 guns then how will he defend himself from the government when they respond to future domestic abuse calls? Sadly, my sarcasm apparently counts as legal reasoning in Louisiana.

    1. Yep, lol nothing to see here, move along

      Although the rocket launcher gave me pause. I wonder what cartel he & his son are dealing with? This can’t be the end of the story — although it seems N’owleans is incredibly corrupt

  2. No doubt the rocket launcher was just for self-protection against runaway deer during hunting trips. And the domestic violence history is just him exercising the constitutional right to defend himself against a woman screaming and running away from him.

    Wonder how many times he discharged his duty weapon as a deputy sheriff. Any record of people ending up with a bullet in the back of the head while in his custody and then later ruled as ‘suicide’ or with the officer claiming he ‘feared for his life’ in the presence of a handcuffed unarmed suspect?

  3. Well if the President can just ignore laws that he himself admits is wrong and illegal, why bother? The number of guns is immaterial, there is no law for that.

    1. Like what laws does Obama break? Yeah, another sheep quoting FOX news that can’t possible think for himself…fact; Obama has used executive privilege more than what previous president? Garfield, yeah, what a lawbreaking Muslim communist

      1. You are retarded. You cannot just wave a wand and make millions of illegal aliens legal. Spin how you wish. Maddow cow.

    2. Are you people born retarded or is it a learned behavior? Like the President said, he is doing what every other president has done before him! The difference is that he is Black and you people are too cowardly to stand up for your racist convictions! I watched Bill O’Reilly and Krauwhateverhisnameis on television talking-up their hate of the President, for the wholesale consumption of their retarded sheep! The President has the legal authority to do what he did! Read your own comment: “just ignore laws that he himself admits is wrong and illegal.” Of course, if a law is “wrong and illegal” I hope that the President would ignore it!

      1. Hate filled bigot is all you are. If every president drowned puppies would it be okay? So he can cigar an intern and that is acceptable? Who gives a rip what others have done, some presidents allowed slavery!. How would you know who and what is on fox news unless you watch it? Just another shoe throwing fool just backing your teams quarterback, he sucks and needs to be benched. Racist racist racist, you just hate Krauwhateverhisnameis because he’s not black whaaaaaa shut up and go catch your bus.

        1. LOL what on earth are you saying?

          That if a President does something you consider to be unlawful, all of society can erupt into anarchy justifiaby?

          If somebody higher in govt than you breaks laws, that nullifies all the laws? Which laws? All laws? Or only the ones you don’t like? Is it okay to go rob banks or rich people now because you said Obama did something illegal? Or maybe just start handing out guns to all felons>

          If you honestly believe that your beliefs about Obama nullify laws for everyone, you’d 1. Be a very good candidate for the sovereign citizen movement and 2. be a very good candidate for prison

          Unless you haven’t told us about your sovereignity, in that case, let the fake liens and legal document flood begin!

          1. No I didn’t say any of that….. If a president can ignore laws, laws by his own admission exist, why can’t I? Great leadership, smoke crack in front of a crowd and say don’t do this kids. As if I would go rob a bank…. please. I don’t know what your whole “sovereign citizen” movement is. I am an American. I fly a flag everyday.

          2. Sovereign citizens believe that laws are unjust if not specifically written into the Constitution.

            Taxes, road signs, driver license’s, drug laws, gun laws, property laws, laws on debt and repayment, etc are all not valid in their world, because they are written by an invalid govt ursurping the Constitution

          3. Looks like Obama and Eric Holder both fit that bill, yes a lot of past presidents as well. But they are gone, no longer in power. When Obama is gone he will no longer matter either. Can we hope that the next president won’t break laws and say, well Obama did? Wouldn’t that be nice. I fly the American flag, not a flag I made up as my own nation. I pay my property taxes, I vote yes on school levies. I have a drivers license, I find concealed carry “permits” dumb, but I have one. I also have a C&R license to buy cool old firearms and they ship straight to me, oh the horror! I don’t do drugs and don’t mush care to be around people who do. I don’t care if people do, but don’t steal my stuff to fuel your habit.. The law is the law, I follow it. A republic is a nation ruled by laws, not public opinion. Yes I may be an evil conservative but I make a great neighbor.

        2. I was right in my assumption: You were born that way: RETARDED. If I did not watch FOX, where else did I see and hear the bile Krauwhateverhisnameis spewing his hate-filled bile after the President’s speech? Unfortunately, I’m unable to catch my bus, because my free, welfare bus ticket from Obama has not arrived yet!

          1. You should read my comment again dum bass. Why on earth would you watch fox news other than to get enraged and throw shoes at the screen. Yet you call me retarded. Amazing how you clowns think everyone takes marching orders because to do. You don’t need that bus, get on the next seiu bus and just chant what they tell you to.

  4. I can’t believe they are going to let him get away with this. He really should have had his probation revoked. I was concerned with the amount of guns he had, along with silencers, but the rocket launcher? What does he need that for? And I agree, who is this man working for?

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