John Moore

Nevada Assemblyman-elect John Moore looked sharp and professional while stumping and baby-kissing, but the Republican candidate had a dirty secret when he was voted into state office. It turns out, he was an outlaw, with an active warrant for his arrest at the Las Vegas City Marshal’s Office for unpaid traffic offenses. (Which, at least as of November 16th, remained unpaid. )

The $792 warrant (after after pleading no contest for having no proof of insurance) was only slightly less money than Moore raised during his entire campaign, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Despite spending almost nothing on his campaign, and having an active warrant for his arrest at the Las Vegas City Marshal’s Office for traffic offenses, Moore surfed a Republican wave Nov. 4 and narrowly defeated extremely well-funded incumbent Democrat Jason Frierson.

Moore won the election by a total of 40 votes. Jason Frierson, the Democratic incumbent, was taken by surprise by the loss, although the Review-Journal attributes the loss to a “weak campaign” and  diversion of resources to other political races:

At a time he ought to have been leaving nothing to chance, Frierson appears to have spent much of the 2014 campaign writing checks to consultants and other candidates, according to his October contributions and expenses report on file with the Secretary of State. As of the fourth reporting deadline, he had raked in approximately $288,000 in cash and in-kind contributions from a variety of the traditional donors.

And that, my friends, is one reason so many low-level criminals were elected to office during midterms.

Too much confidence and not enough fight.

Frierson’s campaign apparently didn’t even dig up the active warrant and publicize it.

Also — is it just me? Or does it seem the GOP has a recruitment program that pulls candidates directly from holding cells and drunk tanks?

[Image Credit: Las Vegas Review-Journal]


    • This is not nearly enough embarrassment as far as I am concerned. It just puts one more thing in a nest that is much bigger than we all expected. While it is funny, it is also quite sad that yet again the same rules everyone else has to follow these guys just ignore it. How does that even happen? How many people turned their heads at his paperwork?

  1. Any other person would have been arrested for this traffic offense by now. It is sad what politicians (regardless of party affiliation) can get away with. They are held completely unaccountable. This is more or less a minor transgression, but imagine all the serious crimes that the powers that be have committed and we will never know about.


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