William “Bill” Pownall

William “Bill” Pownall, representative-elect for state district 52 in Wyoming, faces a criminal investigation in wake of his resignation as sheriff amid allegations that he had the arresting deputy tear up his son’s drunk driving charges to write a new ticket.

Pownell served as Campbell County Sheriff for 12 years and has been involved in law enforcement for the past 39 years in Campbell County.

Carbon County has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate Campbell County Bill Pownall for possible criminal charges for allegedly “ordering his son’s drunken driving ticket be changed to a lesser charge,” according to the Gillette News Record:

Undersheriff Scott Matheny said Sheriff Bill Pownall asked the arresting deputy to write a new ticket for his son. That ticket, which was submitted to Circuit Court, was the one that stated Seth Pownall was arrested for drunken pedestrian instead of a drunken driving. Matheny said the arresting deputy won’t be disciplined for writing a new ticket.

Pownall will willingly leave the sheriff’s office Dec. 2, just a month before he’s scheduled to be sworn in as the new House District 52 state representative.

Pownall turned in a letter of resignation Wednesday afternoon, two weeks after commissioners sent a verified complaint to the Governor’s Office. (If he had not resigned, that would have started the process of removing him as sheriff.)

When asked about how the criminal investigation, incoming House Speaker Kermit C. Brown, (R) Laramie, said he doesn’t know what the future holds in January when the state Legislature convenes.

“I don’t know what his status is going to be by Jan. 13,” Brown said. “I don’t think we can convict him before the courts do, so we’re going to have to wait on the courts.”

However, he noted that Pownall has to be a qualified elector to take the House District 52 chair in early January.

“You can’t be a qualified elector if you’re a convicted felon,” he said.


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By Hypatia Livingston

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3 thoughts on “WY State Rep-Elect Bill Pownall (R) Faces Criminal Probe For Misconduct As Sheriff”
  1. Well I guess that’s better than being arrested for sodomizing a minor, like Terrence Bean. Fighting for child molesting rights for years. I saw it on USA today./ But go ahead blame it on fox

    1. I don’t think that gay rights are child molesting rights which appears to be what you believe.

      What Bean is accused of is unconscionable.

      I have many friends and family members who are gay and just want to be able to grow old with their consenting, adult partners

      Bean was not in office, BTW. He’s not a public servant, like the man this article is about. Nobody elected him or voted him into office. So the courts — a jury — hold him accountable, not the citizens. I had never heard of him until you brought him up.

      Gay people deserve to be able to marry the consenting adult they love. To say that people who fight for marriage equality are all child molesters is — at its best — bigoted

      1. Sorry but men who molest boys are still homosexual…. slice it how your will but that is the truth. Not all homosexuals like little boys, but all men who do are homosexual. You aren’t really going to tell me that strait guys do that are you? Yes, I know gay people as well. I could care less if they are gay. All I am doing here is pointing out your cherry picking of stories no matter how small to bash a sect. No big deal. But no matter what is said, you have a very happy thanksgiving. We can talk smack again soon.

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