Around one o’ clock in the morning the day after Thanksgiving, and about an hour prior to going on a shooting rampage on that targeted law enforcement and the Mexican Consolate, (Larry) Steve Mcquilliams changed his avatar on Facebook to a tarot card symbolizing conservatism, social conventions and tradition — The Hierophant.


The 49-year-old historical re-enactor/theatrical personality’s specific motive isn’t quite clear yet, but experts and sources familiar with the case say his social media interactions show an increasingly hostile outlook toward progress and a propensity for angry, far-right ideology — and that his shooting spree may have fueled by harsh anti-immigration rhetoric.

Mcquiliams Facebook page is full of photos of himself alongside dancer friends, often beaming ear to ear, as well as  videos of various demonstrations involving knives and swords for the Renaissance Fair.

Steve Mcquilliams

His postings reveal he’s a big Ron Paul fan.

musings by mCquilliams

to which Mcquilliams said:

Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 9.44.27 PM

Here’s some more recent commentary I was able to dig up, too:

screenshot of Ron Paul post

to which Mcqualliams responded:

SAntiScreen shot 2014-11-28 at 8.43.36 PM

And of course, his page features the obligatory posting in celebration of gun nuts everywhere:

Dalai Lama on guns

Mcquilliams fired over 100 rounds in his shooting spree targeting government officials, police, and the Mexican Consulate in Austin, Texas. The 49-year-old has a criminal record that authorities have not yet released. Fearing that he had rigged explosives, police searched both his vehicle and home, and officers at his apartment were seen removing about a dozen small tanks of propane,  the type police said was used in the attempt to set fire to the Mexican Consulate.

It’s still not clear if Mcquilliams took his own life or was struck by police gunfire, but officers have expressed gratitude that the suspect was the only one injured during the shooting spree.

By Hypatia Livingston

"Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all."Writer, thinker, researcher, philosopher.

9 thoughts on “Austin Right Wing Shooter: ‘Stop Buying Other People Stuff With MY TAX MONEY!’”
    1. Says the fellow who supports a President who claims the unilateral ability to kill anyone, justified by secret evidence, with no culpability for “collateral damage”. Including kids. But yeah, there are scum of every political stripe.

      1. I don’t see the president shooting up Austin, that’s your fellow Ronpaulite. Say, how much white supremacist violence is hiding under that rEVOLutionary facade?

        1. None. Here, I’ll make it simple for you. These things are all wrong:
          1) shooting up Austin;
          2) drone bombing funerals, weddings, first responders, etc in Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, etc.;
          3) racism;
          4) taking joy in a shooting because of political associations.

  1. This guy is crazy as they come. Let’s go shoot up innocent people as a protest to Obama’s immigration policy. Sure, that makes sense.

  2. “stop buying other people stuff with MY TAX MONEY!”

    Buying me things (roads, libraries, schools, courts, police, fire) with tax money is right and proper. Buying those same things for other people is wrong.

    A’yup, the eternal conservative lament.

  3. The only motive for some of these guys is they are frothing with anger over something they read on Facebook and are looking for a place to lay that anger down to hurt someone. These are the people that always seem to have weapons and think it is their God given right to use them.

  4. I am just glad that no one else was hurt in this completely senseless act. Clearly this man had serious issues. It may sound cliche, but violence is never the answer.

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