AR-15 closeup

Just in time for Thanksgiving last week, a man in Asheville, North Carolina broke into a gun safe at Walmart, and helped himself to an AR-15 rifle on-camera. He stuffed the gun down his pants, grabbed 150 rounds of ammo, and made his way out of the store.

surveilance photo of thief

Now police are looking for the man, according to WLOS News-13.

The rifle and ammo were valued at $920 – but when it comes to gun theft, it’s not just about the money. That’s a powerful weapon to have out there on the streets without a license, background check, or any accountability.

The AR-15 is the same gun model that was used in the Newtown shootings. Its firing capability lives up to its menacing appearance – it can fire as quickly as the gunman can pull the trigger. The AR-15 is known as the civilian semi-automatic version of the military’s M-16 rifle, which was put into heavy use during the Vietnam War.

Police are still searching for the thief, who they describe as follows:

The suspect is described as white and 30-35 years old. He is believed to be 5-feet-8 to 5-feet-10 and 150 pounds with short brown hair. He was wearing a white and blue baseball cap, white T-shirt, blue jeans and a black jacket. The suspect may be traveling in a white, newer model, four-door sedan.

By Hypatia Livingston

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8 thoughts on “Man Stuffs AR-15 Rifle Down His Pants At Walmart, Grabs Ammo And Walks Out”
  1. What is it with this store and crazy people? It seems like the store attracts them and something is always going on with the store in the news. Just recently there was a guy in our local store who ended up running off with a few thousand dollars worth of stuff.

    1. I think it’s the size of the store — the tall aisles etc –that make it convenient for crime. Also the fact that all their workers are paid so low – and many have second jobs b/c of that — they’re already tired when they get to work. So not very alert employees + hard to see parts of the store are often a disaster when it comes to crime prevention

  2. Discount stores really have no business selling weapons. Even moreso if they cannot be trusted to keep the items safely under control at all times.

    So, they never caught this guy? He’s just loose out there with his stolen AR-15?

    1. I agree! If you can’t protect guns in a store, the store should not have guns for sale. Wasn’t there some kind of alarm on the gun case?

  3. I hate to say it, but American gun laws creeated this situation. What makes anyone think he’s crazy? He’s probably just some “poor” normally law abiding citizen who can’t afford to pay for his “American right” to bear arms. Really, it’s your governments fault for not giving him and others like him a gun for free. I mean, how is the poor guy supposed to survive the coming zombie apocalypse or some girl guide who keeps knocking on his door trying to sell him cookies unless he has a superb tactical firearm?

    1. Thanks for the laugh. Darn Girl Scouts anyway. In all seriousness though, he wanted to bypass the background check. Let’s hope that this gun isn’t used in some big shooting spree!

  4. What I was wondering is where were all the employees? At my local Wal-Mart there is always someone in sporting goods right at the gun counter. Maybe this store needs to have a better security protocol around these weapons. Plus, why does that type of gun even need to be available for purchase? You know that most people won’t buy it for hunting purposes.

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