(censored) images of dead cats

After a day of duck hunting, Raymond Verhoeven and William Bradley Taylor posed for photos with the day’s kill — and it was more than the usual ducks they line up for their friends to see on Facebook, according to WISTV.

“It’s horrible and when I first saw the photographs, I was just appalled and sickened,” said Sheriff Bobby May.

In addition to the ducks, there were three cats. In photos they posted online, Verhoeven and Taylor are holding two of the dead cats, still apparently bleeding from fresh gunshots.

“The photos are really, really sad. The cats, they’re holding the cats like they’re trophies,” said Sheriff May. “A person asked and said why would these individuals want to take pictures of them and hold them like they’re trophies. You know, to them, they’re being brave and showing off bravado but really, they’re just yellow cowards because only a coward would do that.”

Sheriff May said no amount of justice can erase the images of the dead cats from his mind, “Obviously the photographs are very disturbing. These two men, holding cats like they were trophies and they obviously had been shot. Three cats that we could count.”

“If you don’t have a conscience and you abuse animals then what else can you abuse? It can go further,” May added.

The photos were posted on social media and upset citizens then forwarded them to the sheriff’s department.

Taylor has been arrested on an animal cruelty charge.

Verhoeven, whose Facebook page indicates he works for a natural gas drilling company,  he has agreed to turn himself in on the outstanding warrant on December 19, when he returns from working out of state.

A third man involved in the incident, who took and posted the photos online, has cooperated with police and will not face charges.

A neighbor, who has been missing three cats, is expected to go to the station to identify the cats via the photos.

[Image Credit: WISTV]

By Hypatia Livingston

"Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all."Writer, thinker, researcher, philosopher.

12 thoughts on “Arkansas Hunters Shoot Neighborhood Cats, Post Photos Posing With Them ‘Like Trophies’”
  1. This is a very disturbing image and to think that these men did this and posted it to social media like nothing is wrong with it. I agree with the Sheriff since most generally people who start out killing innocent animals usually end up doing something much more terrifying later. I’m glad that they got caught and I hope that they will be punished accordingly.

    1. I like that idea! What a bunch of sick men! Man this story makes me so angry! Who would think that this would be okay? They are pets, part of someone’s family.

  2. We have three cats and none are outside anymore. I don’t trust people that much, and we live in a good area. The problem is that we have some local guy that keeps breeding fight dogs and the animal control has yet to find the dude. We have had missing animals around here too, I am thinking because of him but I could be wrong. This guy is just horrible, hopefully karma catches up with him.

    1. I don’t let my cat outside either. Cats can go outside though! People should not hunt cats! There are enough other animal dangers out there! Sick people!

  3. There needs to be stronger penalties for animal abusers. We all know that serial killers begin with animals.

    It is disgusting to kill animals without any legitimate purpose. They weren’t killed for food or any other logical reason except for amusement. Posting about it showed how little they understood right from wrong.


    1. I share your feelings completely. It is a known fact that serial killers almost always start out with hurting small animals and then work their way up. I hope that this guy gets the worst imaginable punishment that is possible.

      1. Great point! I would agree with a lot tougher penalties for animal abuse. Serial killers usually do start off hurting animals. I say these three men should serve time in jail.

  4. I think we’ll find there is more to this story, as to why these men did what they did. With all 3 cats belonging to the same neighbor, I’d be willing to bet this was done as a form of revenge for some sort of neighborhood dispute. That doesn’t make it right and these men should be punished, but I’m doubting that it’s motiveless.

    1. I agree with you, Dodie. I would think they can be charged with more, too. Pets are considered property, so I should think they can add charges like theft or destruction of property to the animal cruelty charges. Anything to keep them put away longer, before they end up doing something even worse!

    2. Oh my! If that is true, it doesn’t make it any better. Regardless of any dispute, you can’t just shoot cats. Posting pictures on Facebook was pretty crazy too. Sick individuals.

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