image of a Nazi ring that fell out of vending machine

Leona Kelley and her son went to a Family Dollar in north Tulsa earlier this week to do some shopping, but she was in for a shock when she gave her son a quarter for the toy vending machine.

“We actually bought four things and three of them were little dinosaurs or something,” Kelley told FOX23. “And on the fourth one, it so happened this fell out,” she said, referring to the ring pictured above.

Kelley told FOX23 that she went to other Family Dollar stores around Tulsa and did not find the Nazi rings in any other vending machines. She said she believes the vendor may have intentionally put the rings in a predominately African American neighborhood.

FOX23 went to the Family Dollar store in north Tulsa near East Pine Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to find out more about how the rings ended up being sold. They observed another ten to fifteen more swastika rings in the machine mixed in with other jewelry that featured dinosaurs and happy faces.

Family Dollar told FOX23 they don’t maintain or stock the vending machine, and “they’ve had trouble with the vendor in the past.”

(That this happened in a state experiencing a John Birch Society revival is not-too-surprising)

See the whole story here:

[Image Credit: Fox 23]

By Hypatia Livingston

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6 thoughts on “Tulsa, Oklahoma Family Dollar’s Vending Machine Dispenses Nazi Rings”
  1. Perhaps Family Dollar should take a look inside their own machines once in awhile especially if they have had trouble with that vendor before in the past. Sounds like they are passing the buck on this one.

    1. Retailers can’t keep that close an eye on each of their vendors – there simply isn’t enough time to do so. I’m sure now that it’s been brought to their attention and given the fact they’ve had issues with the vendor in the past, they will take care of this quickly.

      1. Some places now buy their own stuff to stock these things with. It might be the easiest route to take. Vendors, most of the time, will attempt any way possible to cut corners and get their prices down so they can charge out to their customers more. Even if it means some little kid getting a ring like this every now and then.

  2. What is going on with this lately? Just last week I heard on the news about a drugstore that was selling Christmas wrapping paper with swastikas all over it. They apologized and said they didn’t realize that’s what was on the pattern. Someone needs to look into this and see if maybe they could be connected.

    1. How do you not realize what a swastika is as a grown adult? I remember my nephew was drawing one when he was really little and had no idea what it was, but he was like five or something. That is totally different than grown adults buying things from vendors.

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