Lazy on the swing !

We’ve all seen videos of cats lazing around, but how about bigger cats?

Enzo is a tiger cub who loves spending his Sundays lazing around on a swing. Watch him look up with shiny eyes only to roll over to sleep again. Enzo is beautiful and harmless and adorable to watch. Napping is his favorite Sunday activity.

By Hypatia Livingston

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6 thoughts on “It’s A Good Time To Watch A Lazy Tiger On A Swing”
  1. It is a beautiful animal and it looks fairly young. I was shocked to see this is someone’s backyard. I would never in a million years condone something like this. It is a disaster waiting to happen. Wild animals have no business being in a suburban setting. These are not pets. It isn’t fair to them and it certainly puts people at risk.

    1. The only time I see big cats like this is when we visit a local non-profit zoo in our area, the people who run it are amazing and I am sure they would never have a cat in their backyard like this.

  2. Big cats, small cats? I love them all. This is pretty much the same thing I do every Sunday too, for me the day is all about rest. This cat has a plan and is sticking with it.

  3. What a beautiful creature! I love him and want one for myself! I love big cats, they are fascinating animals. Over the summer I saw a live tiger show at a fair and I was amazed at how loveable they are, of course you can never be too careful though, they are wild animals after all.

    1. I have never had a chance to see one but I hear they are really amazing to see in person like this. The only ones I have seen have been at a local zoo and most of the time they are pretty far off.

  4. This tiger is absolutely beautiful. I love the way he would start swinging and then stop and look all around. I can’t believe that he was alright with the other animals around, I kept waiting for something to happen. I hope that he isn’t someone’s pet, since he is going to get much bigger than that.

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