explosion at Colorado Springs NAACP

A pipe bomb exploded outside the Colorado Springs chapter of the NAACP on Tuesday, and the FBI is looking for a man in connection to it.

The President of the local NAACP, Henry Allen Jr. told the media he believes they were the target of the bomb, which was placed on the northeast corner of the building. (That corner does not share a wall with the NAACP office, but the hair salon which shared the building.) Allen also said the blast was strong enough to knock things off the shelves in the small building.

Federal investigators told a local news station that “the bomb was made for destruction.” It was reportedly made from a road flare that was placed inside a pipe — which was then placed inside a gas can.

The bomb-maker’s plot failed, however:  No one was hurt and there was minimal damage to the building.

The owner of a barber shop that shares the building with the NAACP says the bomb squad told him the pipe bomb failed. If it hadn’t the damage would have been much worse.

FBI spokeswoman Amy Sanders said the agency sent members of its Joint Terrorism Task Force to help investigate.

Sanders said investigators were looking for a balding white man in his 40s who may be driving a dirty pickup truck. It could have an open tailgate or a missing or covered license plate.

Both the FBI and the NAACP declined to label the incident as a hate crime, citing the need for further investigation.

The NAACP has long been the target of hate groups and white supremacists. On Christmas Day,  1951, members of the KKK and law enforcement conspired to bomb prominent Brevard County NAACP leaders Harry T. and Harriette Moore’s home. Harry died immediately from the blast beneath the floor, and his wife succumbed to her injuries just days later. One of their daughters was injured by the bombing. Their second child arrived home shortly after the blast.

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By Hypatia Livingston

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45 thoughts on “Domestic Terror? Somebody Tried To Pipe Bomb The Colorado Springs NAACP”
  1. The NAACP has had a long record of hate dating back to their formation. Why not advance everyone not just one “race”. Isn’t race just a social construct anyway?
    But in other news, a few Muslims slaughtered some cartoonists in Paris, it was filmed from balconies as people in France, including the police do not have firearms. Sadly history shows how many Nazis were killed from these same balconies. Amazing what a good guy with a gun can do. Put down that iphone and grab an AR. But alas maybe Bill Clinton can send some underage girls over to comfort those affected.

    1. OMG — you seriously think oit’s okay that the NAACP was pipe bombed? In 1951 the NAACP was “hate baiting” — when they were fighting lynchings and murders by the KKK?

      How did they bait back then? oh yeah. By being black.
      Ask Emmett Till’s mama why the NAACP made the KKK murder her son horrifically.

      This article is not about Muslims. It’s about black people, In America, being bombed. And you’re cool with that.

      But thinking of black people makes you think about the other groups you hate, like Muslims.

      You, sir, are a hateful racist, bar none. You’d rather complain about France then admit that we used to lynch and murder black people,. Yet you think the NAACP is racist because they dared to FORM when black people couldn’t actually vote or get a decent public education. Sick. You’re a bircher. Are you hiding the fact that you are Charlie Meadows?

      1. Where did I say it’s okay to bomb anything? No, I just reread my comment, nope didn’t say that. Maybe YOU used to kill and lynch blacks, not me. Maybe you make apologies for sins of another’s past, not me. NAACP is a racist group, just like La Raza and any other group that promotes one race. You are sick, not I. You put words in my mouth. You call me a Bircher, I am a Malcolm Xer. I wish nothing but the best for everyone. NOT JUST MY RACE. Malcolm want a place for his people to live free of the white man. I agree with that 100% just like those who don’t want to live with certain people should have that right. I only bring up the whole Paris murders because this is a Brietbart hack site, Brietbarts head story is this, but noooooo mention of it here. Why? You okay with that? You accuse me of being okay with bombings, you okay with Muslims blowing a cops head off in the middle of the street in broad daylight and he was unarmed ala Michael Brown?

        1. No, I think french police should probably have guns, but I don’t vote there and have no influence or sway as I am not a citizen of that country. So I am not sure why you expect me to do anything about this other than say that it was an awful, horrible thing to happen and they are in my prayers.

          I called you a Bircher because if you read their articles, they say the NAACP is no longer needed or wanted in the US, and it is racist. Just like you say. Actually, you took it a step beyond the Bircher argument, saying it has always been a racist org and was never needed. Which is denying years of lynchings, rapes, killings of black people without any ramifications or justice. The NAACP was one of the first orgs to sue the govt on behalf of black people. They were instrumental in ensuring the right to vote for all Americans.

          Also Malcolm X was Muslim, so the irony is kind of beautiful there. When he was a child the KKK burned his house to the ground.

          The NAACP was formed in part because black people couldn’t vote. They didn’t need to help white people vote. Black people were being lynched, murdered, beaten and burned to death in some places. Not white people. They were fighting for rights whites were already guaranteed prior to the Civil Rights Act.

          “those who don’t want to live with certain people should have that right”
          mmmm…Ok, but all the young people in this country don’t want to share it with racist angry elderly white people. So there’s that. Luckily they don’t have an way to enforce this, but it’s funny you don’t have a problem with it and think they should be able to

          We don’t have to carry stories that Breitbart writes. The site itself is practically bankrupt and dead. We are a liberal website.

          The press in America is still pretty damn free. You don’t dictate what we write about. Hell, most of the time you insult our writing and our articles. We haven’t banned you because you try to keep it clean.

          But you don’t own this website.

          1. I never said the NAACP is no longer need or wanted. It is, but not by me. I find any org that pushes one racial affairs over the whole as racist. Period. What does X being Muslim have to do with it? Where did I say I ‘hate” Muslims? When did that become a race? Why is it everyone that is not a leftist accused of being hateful? X wanted a place for blacks to go. Good for him, I support that. Can you name these racist angry white people you say want to do the same? Can you or is it just a another figment of the left. If they do exist, wouldn’t the place you want to live be better? isn’t that the end game to rid the country of these people?
            I must tell you if I didn’t value you are Matts writing I wouldn’t bother coming here. His story on WW1 was great today. Maybe you are right on that, I should be more vocal when I agree. I have given you kudos on not banning me, media matters, the fox news rehash site did, so did mother jones. All I did was ask what happened to David Corns upper lip… that’s funny.
            Brietbart is dead because their site won’t load, too much going on. I actually go there about once a week if that just to see their lead story. Like I said, how can one form an opinion unless they see both sides.

          2. I never said the NAACP is no longer need or wanted

            What you did say was that the NAACP has hated people, in a news article where a white male tried to bomb one of their centers.

            Think on that.

          3. If I hate because I support my people, they must be hateful too. Can’t have it both ways.

          4. Dude, you are a festering pile of shit bigot, your kind should be mercilessly wiped from earth.

          5. Actually, loving people eliminated Hitler for exactly those reasons. (No, I do not support you being wiped off, but your equivalence is misplaced)

          6. So you’re upset that you cannot be racist and have people call you that. Understandable, racists often play the victim that way

          7. I am not upset at all. If calling out the racist tactics of the naacp makes me a racist so be it. Maybe you should quit your job and give it to an impoverished youth, sacrifice yourself at the alter of white privilege.

          8. I don’t believe in “white privilege” myself, but you are clearly an idiot….and/or possibly a troll. I’m sorry, but nobody who believes the NAACP was a “racist” organization can possibly be taken seriously.

          9. Of course not. A group for the betterment of one race of people isn’t racist, unless that group is white. Then they are Nazi bigot idiot trolls who want to gas jews right?

          10. Ahhh another right winger defining what they consider racism which explains precisely why you and your kind are stuck on stupid.

          11. So true. Pathetic little right wingers always talk like they are some bada** tough guys but then whine and cry when someone makes a pouty face at them.

      1. Can you tell me where all their local chapter buildings are? You talk about these white supremacy clowns as if they are think as flies. Hitler is dead. How many “white leaders” meet with the president? Please do tell. Where is the white caucus? I think guys who target blacks for beatings are just as disgusting as blacks who do the same, knockout game anyone?

          1. That is your response? No answer, just a snide remark? The people elect congress, so all of America is racist…..again. We weren’t when Obama was elected, no we are again.

      2. Silly mod! When a white guy attempts bombing, it is because he is a loner, has mental issues, acted alone, and perhaps was provoked by food stamps being given to all the blacks.

        When a black guy loots, ALL BLACK PEOPLE EVERYWHERE are complicit.

        1. Sadly, there are several millions of people who really do think like that…..and many of them vote! =(

          1. Senator Robert Byrd on line #2 for you Aqua . . . He says it’s about the Klan meeting this weekend.

    2. Yes because white people were being lynched, forced to sit in the back of the bus, denied promotions and advancement because of their color. They had to drink from separate drinking fountains, use separate bathrooms and etc…
      OH WAIT, that was only happening to blacks.
      Your fantasies about being a good guy with a gun and shooting terrorists show that you are a delusional poser like too many other gun owners here in America.

        1. Ratcraft, name calling is off limits here. You went through numerous posts calling everyone a fag. No name calling here. Keep it clean please.

          Thank you

          1. It was the same guy who called me all sorts of vile ill repute. He is more than likely a fag too.

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