It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. Due to a certain Maryland city councilman’s poor understanding of the First Amendment, our Threatcon Color Code is KIRBY DELAUTER

  • Guess — just guess — which right wing gasbag was the first to blame President Obama for the Charlie Hebdo attack, but of course had absolutely nothing to say about the bombing of an NAACP office
  • Speaking of terror attacks that go completely unnoticed by the media, did you hear about the FBI charging three white, Christian men with planning a series of terrorist bombings and frauds on the government this Tuesday? No? Maybe they’re not brown or Muslim enough for the media to care about them, as only two local papers have even covered the story
  • Guess what’s stimulating the economy? After years of austerity, government hiring is finally on the increase
  • Guess which state is lagging the nation on jobs? Hint: it’s the one with the biggest budget and tax cuts
  • Tbogg caught writer Matthew Boyle’s delicious disappointment at the failure of this week’s half-hearted House Republican rebellion against Speaker John Boehner
  • Steve Scalise is still House majority whip, but the scandal surrounding his remarks to an audience of David Duke’s white supremacists thirteen years ago will continue to hurt him — and the GOP’s race problem isn’t going anywhere
  • It’s not clear that President Obama will close a nuclear deal with Iran, and even if he does you can be sure that Congressional Republicans will do their best to derail it
  • According to a nonpartisan Government Accounting Office report (.PDF) that came out in December, the share of tuition costs covered by students is now higher than the share paid by states, completely reversing the entire history of higher education in America. If your conscious goal was to make education too expensive for middle, working class, and poor Americans, so they could never, ever be upwardly-mobile again, this is exactly the trend line you’d want to see:



  • Speaking of black lives mattering: seventeen year old Lennon Lacey of North Carolina may have been a victim of lynching for his affair with an older white woman
  • Speaking of ‘freedom to hate:’ the religious right is losing its mind because Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed dismissed Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran after he self-published a homophobic, misogynist, and anti-Semitic book, then made firefighters read portions of it. This obviously violates Cochran’s ‘right’ to shove his disgusting bigotry down the throats of public employees
  • Irony alert: Bill O’Reilly, noted exemplar of white privilege, accuses David Duke of “trying to promote the cause of white people
  • How did the NYPD come to see itself as separate and different from the community it protects?
  • Which side are the ‘small government’ folks really on? Last weekend’s “Black Brunch” events, in which restaurant-goers were interrupted with the names of people killed by police, really annoyed conservatives
  • Have you ever heard of Maj. Sherwood Moran? He was an American missionary in Japan who managed to extract tons of actionable intelligence from supposedly-hardened, suicidal, uncooperative Japanese soldiers without torturing any of them. Who knew that a conversational style beat waterboarding every time? Except for every professional military interrogator alive, who knew?!
  • Conservative darling and token brain surgeon Ben Carson plagiarizes several internet sources in his latest ‘book’
  • If you’re going to say “Je suis Charlie Hebdo,” you should probably know what it means
  • We end on this James Rustad parody, Ted Cruz Without a Clue


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