The child with the sign was observed almost stumbling into traffic Saturday

Forced-birth activists get respect in Montgomery. I’ve seen so-called ‘pro-life’ organizations bus in hundreds of people during the annual 30-day regular session of our state legislature to lobby their representatives on whatever creative new bills the forced-birth activists have come up with to make the lives of women as hellish as possible. Underlining the paranoid obsession these folk have with security, you cannot take part in their activities unless your pastor vouches for you. Their disinformation efforts involve self-described ‘experts’ touting pseudoscience, ‘testimonials’ by people with dubious claims of abortion injury or survival, and the fervid prayers and piety of the self-righteous. And it always works.

The latest forced-birth outrage in the Heart of Dixie is a law that lets the state appoint a lawyer to represent the fetus in cases where a young woman must go to court to enforce her rights. The most offensive thing about this law is the large number of Alabamians who need legal services of some kind or another, but can’t obtain them thanks to deep-reaching austerity measures and budget cuts. It’s a feature, not a bug, of forced-birth politics that their schemes always elevate the ‘rights’ of an unborn fetus over the actual, real, not-imaginary constitutional rights of post-birth Americans. Last night, Jessica Williams of The Daily Show delivered a pitch-perfect segment lampooning the situation. It’s embedded above. Enjoy!