The Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris France were attacked by terrorists on the morning of January 7th 2015, killing 12 people, with a total of 17 people dead before the crisis was over. The attack was supposedly in retaliation for cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed that the Hebdo cartoonists published. Law enforcement agencies have clamped down to prevent further violence, but several prominent right wingers in the United States have viewed this attack as an opportunity to score political points. One of the more prominent examples is Aaron Walker, who hails from Manassas, Virginia. For years now, Mr.Walker has produced “cartoons” (stick-figure drawings, really) of Islam’s founder that are far more explicit and offensive than anything the staff ever produced at Charlie Hebdo.

Even before the incident was over, Walker went on a mini jihad on Twitter, posting cartoons from his old #EveryoneDrawMohammed cartoon database. These depictions concentrated on one of Aaron Walker’s personal pet peeves when it comes to the Prophet, namely allegations of pedophilia because of his marriage to a child bride. Aaron Walker used this meme throughout the aftermath of the Paris crisis while recruiting others to spread his, um, ‘cartoons’ born from an extreme right wing ideology. To Walker, the Charlie Hebdo attack was a personal vindication of his tasteless and talentless efforts to inflame opinion and invite attacks — on other people.

Image via screencapture
Image via screencapture

Mr. Walker has been producing these cartoons for more than four years. Although his work is still protected by the First Amendment, it’s not comedy or satire. It’s juvenile extremism designed to invite the worst possible response from a world away. Walker seeks more than attention; he claims to carry a revolver and actively taunts terrorists to “come and get me, bitches.” On his EverybodyDrawMuhammad blog, he called on other people to submit “fatwa-worthy cartoons” and drawings that would get them put on some terrorist’s death list. He even claims in his tweets that he wants to die or be killed.

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And he told them to do it under their own names. Walker chose to use the pseudonym “Aaron Worthing” for himself, though, because his courage only extends to asking others to risk themselves. Like asking his wife to check under the car for bombs every day. Here is an example of his bravado:

image via screecapture
image via screecapture

Walker gave his city, but not his real name:

image via screencapture
image via screencapture

Walker used to be an anonymous figure, but due to a legal fight he picked in 2011, ‘Aaron Worthing’ was identified as attorney Aaron Walker of Manassas, Virginia. Walker had lied to everyone about his name. After fighting numerous legal battles with his arch nemesis through a mentally ill proxy, his real name came out, and he finally had to explain to his readers that he had lied to them all along.

image via screencapture
image via screencapture

The reason he lied to them? Because his wife (who, let us reiterate, checks under the family car every day for bombs while he stays inside to provide covering fire with his little six-shooter) didn’t want him to have a public battle with real terrorists. She rather wisely wanted him to remain anonymous while producing said images of Mohammed. And of course there is Walker’s rank cowardice which shows a yellow streak down his back a mile long.

image via screencapture
image via screencapture

However Walker continued to encourage readers to submit their pen sketches under their real names and locations to show how courageous they were:

image via screencapture
image via screencapture

Of course Mrs. Walker had a very understandable and reasonable expectation that her husband would avoid idiotic acts that might cause his real name to get out. But what Walker expected from his readers and publishers was not what he did himself. As the years went on he continued to have legal battles that consumed him and his followers to such a degree that some would call it a religious calling. However the more he went to court, the more exposed he became. So the EveryoneDrawMohammed blog and Walker’s cartoon career had to take a back seat while he battled it out in the courts on issues he created.

Aaron Walker
Aaron Walker was so unobservant that he didn’t see this picture being taken

However, within hours of the Paris attacks Mr. Walker went ballistic and started putting out his old archive on Twitter, once again asking people to join him in his crusade against Islam and Muslims and terrorists using bad drawings. After the attacks were over and the terrorists were terminated, Walker continued to draw heat on himself by claiming that he was “one of the first” to draw Mohammed on the internet, and claimed his dreaded stick figures of blasphemy made him just like the dead cartoonists in Paris.

However Walker’s cartoons were not like those produced in France, rather the cartoons he produced were showing the Prophet Mohammed as a child rapist and pedophile, and he encouraged as many as he could on Twitter to retweet them because they need to stand tall for free speech. Anyone who refuses or questions his motives — or his childish cartoons — on Twitter is denounced as a “pussy” and a “coward” for “giving in to the terrorists” for disagreeing with the Great Defender of Free Speech.

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In his numerous legal filings in court, Walker often claims that those who have exposed him are out to get him killed by continuing to talk about his cartoons and drawings in their own legal filings against him. Anyone who calls him out on his behavior is accused of trying to get him killed. In public, Walker is very comfortable exposing himself and those around him to potential violent reprisals for producing such materials — until he is interviewed on camera, at which point he prefers to keep his face out of the picture because he’s so worried about people trying to kill him.

Walker never really owns what he is doing here. You can’t go out and scream hatred of a religion in public, and then claim that when others call you on the carpet over it that they are trying to get you killed. Does he really believe that he should go down in a hail of bullets and gunfire to protect his 1st amendment rights, or is it all some XBOX Call of Duty game to him? Does he believe he will just re-spawn in heaven after getting killed? Because that’s pretty much what the terrorists think, too.

Walker was working at a health related company while blogging and putting out his cartoons and carrying water for Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney John Patrick Frey. But when Walker got into a legal tussle over what he was doing, causing his name to get out, he notified his employers of the potential legal and safety issues. They quickly went to check on the office where Walker was producing his blog and found the office in disarray. Various pleadings they had hired him to complete were left undone or in a mess according to Jim Hodges, the attorney for the firm. Hodges quickly determined that Walker was in serious difficulty and promptly placed him on leave pending the outcome of his investigation into what Walker had told them about his activities and his legal quandary.

After a few days Walker and his wife were fired from their jobs at the firm. Mr. Hodges was left to clean up the mess and make sure that Walker’s coworkers had a secure workplace, so he contacted Walker and pleaded with him to publish the fact that he no longer worked at the health care firm. Hodges didn’t want terrorists coming to the office looking for Walker:

Jim Hodges Termination Letter to Aaron Walker
Jim Hodges Termination Letter to Aaron Walker

Walker’s reply to Mr. Hodges was almost uncanny in its careless attitude for the lives of his coworkers. He didn’t care less if they were harmed or killed. Walker was only upset that Mr. Hodges and his former employer were treating him “shabbily;” his most pressing concern was dinner at home with his wife that evening.

Aaron Walker loves to turn up the heat — and then walk right out of the kitchen.

Aaron Walker Reply To Jim Hodges
Aaron Walker’s reply to Jim Hodges

Is Walker a danger to the community where he lives? According to his own ideal vision, his neighbors, the local retail outlets that he visits, and practically every place he goes faces a potential terror attack. Does he care? In my opinion he does not care at all, because according to Walker, people who may be harmed or are upset at him are just collateral damage. If his masturbatory drawings get other people killed, then so be it.

image via screencapture
image via screencapture

Walker does still have a small cadre of supporters who wrap themselves up in the false flag of the good old USA, using it as a way to vent their bigoted hatred of others while claiming to be free speech martyrs. Most people who have known him the longest have figured out what a loon he is, so he saw the tragedy in Paris as an opening to recruit new followers. Hopefully enough people will figure him out before he gets someone killed.

Here are some final questions:

1. Will federal government agents or state police protect Mr. Walker’s neighbors in Manassas Virginia?

2. Will the neighbors Walker lives next to be notified by police or the federal government that this great Muslim hater and stick figure cartoonist lives next to them?

3. If you were living next to someone like Walker, would you want to pack up and move, or would you want Walker to pack up and move?

4. Does the community in Manassas Virginia deserve to be told that they have Mr. Walker living in their community?

5. Do the people that live in Manassas Virginia deserve to be protected from reprisals that Mr. Walker invites on himself and those around him?

6. Does Mr. Walker deserve a security protection detail for life from the federal government or state government or state police that would be paid by taxpayers?

7. Does anyone in government, be it DHS, FBI, State Police, Local or City police believe that anyone is in danger wherever Mr. Walker is living, working, eating, visiting?


Inquiring minds want to know just what the city, state and federal government is doing, or will do, to protect those who are forced to live or work next to this gun toting terrorist magnet.

By Marcus Crassus

Marcus Licinius Crassus was a Roman general and politician who played a key role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

36 thoughts on “The Manassas, Virginia Jihad: Aaron Walker Is No Charlie Hebdo”
  1. If I may be so bold to suggest, BU needs to immediately share this info with Northern Virginia Law Enforcement. Has anyone ever submitted this information to the Manassas-area media, the Manassas Police or the Washington Post? Seems Walker has every right to risk his own life if that’s his choice, but to endanger his neighborhood, especially when his address is publicly available? Shouldn’t someone be looking out after the neighbors?

    1. I just called the Manassas City Police, the State Police and the FBI and demanded that they place a 24/7 police security detail in front of Aaron Walker’s home, and provide notice to all of his neighbors. I don’t know if this will even help because in Paris, the police were protecting Charlie Hedbo but they were both killed. Obviously Mr. Walker knows that he is under threat and that is why he has guns and checks his automobile for IED’s. But why has he not informed his neighbors. He owes them the duty to protect themselves or to be on the lookout for terrorists who will most certainly case the area before they do anything. I believe in the First Amendment but I don’t believe in endangering other people. That is why it is against the law to say something that can cause panic in a crowded theater. Here, it seems as though Mr. Walker is trying to provoke a violent incident.

      Thank you for writing this article and why hasn’t the mainstream press picked up this story. I remember when 911 happened, there was an FBI agent who was screaming about a planned attack and who was following some of the attackers. But the people in power blew him off only to learn later that he was right. I lived in New York then and I know that everyone here wished they had taken those warning seriously. Your article is that warning so thank you so much for bringing this to light.

  2. I am a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, Virginia and we are located not far from Manassas, Virginia. This article is frightening and sad. We have members of all faiths, including Muslims, at our church and we love them all. Our pastor is Reverend Aaron McEmrys, and he at the polar opposite of Aaron Walker. He is full of love, compassion and understanding. He reaches out to people in times of crisis.

    I am going to ask Reverend Aarons to reach out to neighbors in Aaron Walker’s neighborhood and ask them to come to our church to help them find it in their hearts to understand Mr. Walker. We have conducted canvasses before in times of crisis and this is such a time. I will ask other church members to conduct a vigil outside of Mr. Walker’s home in the hope that he will come out with his wife, lay down his weapons, and find love in his heart for all people. With love, he does not need the protection of weapons. With faith, God will protect him.

  3. I agree with Wendy A-S. Warnings are important and Mr. Walker is so so dumb and such a coward pussy. What it sounds like is that he is suffering from severe depression and wants to go out in blaze of glory with his name in headlines. He needs a mental health intervention. I hope law enforcement officials take this seriously. They are quick to take Muslims off the street at the drop of a dime for a perceived threat, but this is a real threat.

  4. Friggin incredible, What a moron. He sees what happened in Paris, so he beseeches the same fanatics to do it here, right in the nation’s capital. What he has done is paint a target on his front door. So he lives in a neighborhood or an apartment? Either way, all his neighbors are cannon fodder because of this idiot. And he is cloaking himself in the first amendment. What an asshole. I hope they pick him up for creating a terrorist risk. I mean, if somebody is driving drunk, they can be taken off the street. So it makes sense that this lunatic should be hauled off. And you are right, he ain’t no Rushdie or Hedbo. They did not do their work to provoke a violent response. Sounds like this Walker fool wants to create violence. And he has a carry permit?? He is trigger happy, for sure. A friggin padded cell is waiting for this shithead.

  5. The problem with Aaron Worthing, er, Walker…. and his ilk is that they are using the free speech/press argument to offend… NOT terrorists… but an entire religion. And sure, I suppose the First Amendment protects everyone’s right to be a trollish offensive dick, but it protects so much more.

    But oh my — Aaron certainly gets politically active when his right to be a racist Islamophobe gets threatened, doesn’t he? Where was Aaron, for example, when the editors of Charlie Hebdo fired a cartoonist for drawing anti-Semitic cartoons? Why doesn’t Aaron call for his 3 or 4 readers to draw anti-Semitic cartoons? Oh, right. He hates Islamic people (all of them) — not the Jews. So I guess he’s in favor of free speech SOMETIMES (if it offends the “right” people).

    In any event, he’s just a martyr-in-sheeps-clothes. Hiding behind a fake name was only the beginning.

        1. Yes Trayvon, the one who attacked a man because he thought he was a homosexual who would rape his little brother (court testimony). Nice try Matt.

          1. The courts, evidence, jurors, and justice system decided otherwise but feel free to keep race baiting. I think the idiot that shot him is a tool but he acted within his legal rights; he is no hero of mine. However, you seem to have great admiration for the young criminal/thief/drug user who picked a fight with the wrong person. Have a nice day Matt.

          2. What we have here is another pale attempt to divert and deflect the conversation from the real issue. As a Muslim living peacefully among my fellow Virginians, I am an American first, a Muslim second. I have lived here all my life. This “Pedro” is a devotee of another blogger, a friend of Aaron Walker, who has been sent here to confuse and muddy the waters. I hope law enforcement is not fooled. I also have heard Walker’s name mentioned and while I have no direct or indirect knowledge of anyone stupid enough to indulge Walker in his “fatwa”, he sure does seem to beg for it. But then, he has a wife to hide behind. The world would be far better off without such cowards and without such hate spewers like this Pedro who defends the murder of innocents. If law enforcement does not take action to protect Walker’s neighbors, I fear this may turn into a situation where one or more of us will tell the Washington Post or the New York Times or CNN, “We tried to warn them, but they ignored us.” If hate is what feeds your soul, hate is what your soul will excrete.

          3. “This “Pedro” is a devotee of another blogger, a friend of Aaron Walker” I have no idea what you are talking about . . . I think your reaching and trying to deflect.

            “this Pedro who defends the murder of innocents” WTH are you talking about? Like the staff at Hebdo? Like all the girls murdered by Boko? Or are you talking about Mr. Wilson or Mr. Zimmerman? One acquitted by the state and the other acquitted by the local, State, and Federal Justice Dept.?

            I’m glad your and American Muslim and I have no issues with you at all unless you start harming others or forcing others to comply with your demands. I would never do that to someone else so I kinda expect that from others. I too am a Virginian and welcome you as a fellow resident. With that aside, I’m not sure why you can’t have a discussion without immediately insulting the other party and completely ignoring the points made. Not starting a flame war here, but you didn’t add to the discussion and simply hurled rhetoric around. Have a nice day Faceofstone.

          4. The innocent I speak of is Trayvon Martin who did not deserve to be gunned down like a dog for the crime of wearing a hoodie. If I was still a kid and some puffed up pretend security guard started pushing me around, I might just bonk him on the nose as well. Yes. Talk to me about juries. Juries are never wrong, am I correct? Even the jury that let OJ Simpson get away with what most people feel was a cut and dried case of murder? Please. Do not offend my intelligence.

            I would never consider enforcing my lifestyle on you. There is not a Muslim I know of that would do that, although your legislatures in other states do assert the right to enforce Christian rules on non-Christians.

            But that is not the issue, and I do not care to discuss this with you any further. The issue is, Aaron Walker, for reasons I believe are rooted in mental illness, has a rabid hatred of Muslims. He not only wishes to offend the extreme elements. He wishes to offend me and my friends. We are peaceful and will take no action against him. After all, we are not like Christians who murder abortion doctors or blow up Federal Office buildings or fly airplanes into IRS buildings or gun down police from ambush or shoot congresswomen doing their professional duties or go into movie theaters and murder strangers for the fun of it, or walk into a school and murder first and second graders at their desks and as they huddle in corners. It would be a shame, would it not, if the rest of the world tarred the actions of these crazed people as being emblematic of all Christians? Jesus (PBUH) is considered a great prophet in our religion.

            However, I do not deny Aaron Walker his stupid hatred of Muslims or his willingness to paint us all with the same brush. It is his right and it is protected under the first amendment as is my right to say what I want.

            Aaron Walker does not have the right to inflame passions to the point where unstable people take violent actions. His neighbors have the right to know that there is a hater among them who is actively calling on extremists to “come and get me,” bitches. Aaron Walker’s consideration for the safety of others is non-existent. Again, I renew my call for those of any religion who love peace to contact Manassas law enforcement, Homeland Security, the FBI, or any one else who can protect the good and decent people of all faiths in Manassas from the madness of Aaron Walker.

            كما : السلام عليكم

          5. The DOJ seemed to think the Florida Judge and Jury were correct . . . I guess everyone is in on the conspiracy.

            The second paragraph is full of conjecture and other irrelevant topics. Unless a licensed Dr. has come to the conclusion he has a mental illness, it’s a guess. People can be really stupid (even Walker stupid) without having a mental illness. The gun stuff? Yes, many parts of the world DO in fact think the USA is full of gun toting cowboys. So yes, Christians and people of all religions tend to get lumped in with a stereotype.

            The idiot Walker may intentionally anger anyone he wants to, that is what free speech is. Until he breaks a law, there isn’t anything law enforcement can do. Sorry, just like the idiots that insult the families of returning soldiers KIA . . . it’s reprehensible and disgusting, but it is Constitutionally protected free speech as determined by the SCOTUS.

            The best outcome is this nutjob Walker fades into the distance and is pretty much not heard from again. Anyone with half a brain will be disgusted with him and his vitriol and shun him vs. giving him the floor by bringing him to the attention of a larger audience.

          6. Your insistence on continuing the smears and your willingness to excuse Zimmerman’s burgeoning career as a serial killer just to score points about “self defense” (i.e. guns) is a pathetic display of ammosexuality. Have a nice day.

          7. Insulting soldiers does not lead to mass murder. Waving a red flag in front of a crazy bull does lead to mass murder. You call Walker an idiot. You are much nicer to him on the Hogewash website as I have noted. As Walker has nothing to do with Trayvon Martin’s senseless killing, as I have said, I have no wish to assist your muddying of the water with your nonsense.

            If you had a next door neighbor who was willfully inciting violence and demanding that insane extremists come and kill him, would you want the police to know about it? Or would you say oh he is just exercising his freedom of speech?

          8. “Hogewash website” What is this? As far as I know, I don’t use any website by that name. Please provide a URL and I’ll go and see what you are talking about.

            If I had a neighbor doing what this idiot does, or any other behavior that would threaten myself or my family, I would move. Having the police “know about it” does nothing to help defend oneself or loved ones.

          9. Sorry Matt, wasn’t aware that the facts presented in the case were “smears”. I don’t excuse that idiot Zimmerman at all (as posted many times earlier with me calling a plethora of names – none polite), I think it was a tragedy for both parties and I certainly believe Zimmerman overreacted. However, it does seem he acted within the confines of the law. Maybe the laws in Fla are broken and need to be fixed. You have spoken like a hoplophobe many times and that is your Right to do so. My Rights to own and use firearms are equally protected. Insults and made up words won’t the argument win. You have a great day as well!

  6. OMG, Charlie Hedbo made fun of all religions in the form of satire. This bozo Walker only insults Muslims through their beloved Prophet. You are right, he is asking for a terrorist incident. Call the cops, call Homeland Security, plaster all the neighbor’s cars with notices about the threat this fruitcake poses. If I didn’t live on the west coast, I would be holding a placard right now in front of his house so all the neighbors would know. I can go on the net and locate all the sex offenders in my neighborhood but I can’t know if some Waco wacko is asking for jihad on his all his neighbors. This dude does not live in some rural area, and it sounds like he can’t afford anything other than a low rent apartment, so he is probably putting thousands of people at risk. Where is the government when we need it?????? Hello app designers, create an an app to locate “terror magnets” and start with brainless Aaron Walker. God help us, grab the pitchforks.

  7. I am Muslim and we discussed walker at morning prayers. I looked him up on spokeo. He lives in an apartment it is scary that he is putting his neighbors at risk from people who don’t like what he is doing

    1. Is he putting his neighbors at risk or is it the cult of murdering thugs that still think it’s the 5th century that will do the killing? Start calling and blaming Radical Islam for what it is instead of blaming everyone else. I have no issue with any religion until they start murdering people in the name of that religion (and don’t start talking about what other religions have/are killing people . . . try and stay on the topic).

      1. Pedro, that’s beside the issue. The point of this article is that Mr. Walker is putting the lives of others at risk. We all know where that risk is from, so it is totally wrong and irresponsible to poke a hornet’s nest and then blame the hornets for stinging you. That’s what you are doing by blaming the fanatics. Why would a person who lives in a suburban environment do that? It’s beyond outrageous. Don’t you think that all the people who live near Mr. Walker should know that he is placing them at risk of a jihad attack? That way they have a choice about what to do. If he lives in an apartment, as it appears, do you think that the apartment complex owners have a right to decide whether to evict him rather than place that risk on other renters. According to this article, his employer fired him because he was placing all the people who worked there at risk. Don’t you think that the police should be protecting Mr. Walker and his neighbors 24/7.

        You point out that radical Islam causes fanatics to kill innocent people. Point taken and accepted. So do you put a target on your home and say come get me bitches when you know that the fanatics will gladly oblige.

        1. If this idiot Walker wants to get himself killed, that is his business. If I were his neighbor, I would probably move (not a great solution but it works and completely negates the whole argument).

          If the people living around this idiot don’t know he is a nut job, I’m not sure what we can do for them. Should the public pay the Police to go door to door notifying them? Should the public have to pay to have security placed on them? I don’t think that is a viable solution either. The problem with free speech is that it is free, regardless if you like it or not. Kinda like those idiots in Florida that burn the Koran. One could make a point that they put their entire community at risk. Why not expand it to the Iraq war where clearly the US and allies “poked the hornets nest”. Just trying to have a discussion about a sensitive (and for me, local) issue.

          “You point out that radical Islam causes fanatics to kill innocent people. Point taken and accepted” – Careful, that kind of speech will get you banned by “open/progressive” minds.

          Have a great day Holly.

          1. Thanks Pedro for the frank discussion. We seem to agree that Walker is nuts and that the jihadists are nuts, both fanatics. I guess the point of this article is to raise the questions that you and I are struggling with. What can you do about a guy who begs to be killed and doesn’t care who he takes with him? Is it free speech to place your neighbors in risk of death? Where does your free speech end and start? That’s why its not free speech to yell fire in a crowded theater. Its the crowded factor and the risk of death or injury from a stampede that takes this out of the purview of the first amendment. So that is the way I am leaning here. Walker can be an idiot and stir the nest all he wants as long as he is the only one who gets stung. But he can’t stir the nest in a way that can harm other people who he calls “collateral damage” according to his posts.

          2. That’s the nature of Rights . . . they are hard to come by but even harder sometimes to define. I see the point but would want clarity before placing a gag order on him. For instance, if the dingbat lived in the middle of nowhere (hence, not posing a risk to other apartment residents etc.)? Would it be allowed? What if this dingbat (or another) goes after some other group of people with such zeal? Is it only because he verbally attacks Muslims that makes him a credible threat? If I start a twitter war with the IDF, am I putting my neighbors at risk?

            Damn that slippery slope!

  8. As peace-loving Muslim living in the tranquility of Prince William County in Virginia, not far from the residence of this Walker person, I ask other readers of this blog to not just read this story, shake your heads and say, those crazy republicans. I beseech you to pick up your phones, to contact Manassas Law Enforcement, even Prince William County authorities although Manassas is not officialy part of the county. Tell the people who have the power to protect Walker’s neighborhood of the threat he presents to the peace and safety of those who live near him.

    The Manassas Police Website is and there are many e-mail contacts to the chief and important officers.

    The Manassas City Government website is, and there are links to the Mayor and city counsel.

    We have an opportunity to urge police to protect lives that Aaron Walker seems willing to sacrifice in his insane hatred of Muslims.

  9. Please, as you are considering my plea for you to contact law enforcement to protect Aaron Walker’s neighbors from his goading of extremist elements, read this long explanation from the madman explaining why his right to insult every Muslim is more important than the right of his neighbors to live in peace and safety.

    Read it, then do what you can to prevent death and destruction Walker is asking be visited on his neighborhood.

    1. That guy is a nutcase and should be locked up in the deepest hole he can be put in before he takes out an entire city. I can’t imagine why someone in Law Enforcement doesn’t shut this guy down or at least move him to some federal lockup where they can examine him in a psychiatric ward.

      The guy reeks of mental illness clues. Yet, it is all some free speech thing until he gets people killed. Then the news will be filled with: where was Law Enforcement, they had all the warning signs, people were posting about him, people were calling various officials, people were clamoring for someone to listen but nobody would..

      You see it all the time in the news. Same story, same thing happens, same people calling them out, then something bad happens. Law Enforcement will say they didn’t see it coming, didn’t get the messages, were working on other fronts and didn’t have time yada yada yada.. Yep, you hear it all the time.

  10. OK, start of a new week. Everyone who reads this article needs to make a commitment to contact law enforcement and express your concerns about Mr. Walker. Manassas City Police, Virginia State Police, Dept of Homeland Security, FBI, ATF and any other state, local or federal politician who may have an interest in stopping this dirtbag from getting people hurt. Critical mass time.

    1. It seems from Aaron Walker’s twitter activity today that he continues with his anti-Islam tirades. I hope this does not mean that, as it often is the case, progressives are all talk and no action. I was notified by a Manassas authority today that Walker was not their problem because he lives in Prince William county. I have contacted their county executive, their police and sheriff, their board of supervisors. Everyone should do the same.

      1. I did talk to several officials from Manassas, Virginia this afternoon. They promised to look into this and said they would contact the city and state police. She was talking about using a nuisance statute to force Mr. Walker to move to protect his neighbors.

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