The top two Republicans in Congress gave 60 Minutes a rare exclusive when they agreed with President Obama’s call for child care tax credits this Sunday, but that was the full extent of their spirit of cooperation. You can watch the entire clip above, but the outtake meme below is a perfect summation of their entire platform on jobs and the economy. It’s more of the same Paul Ryan magic unicorn Laffer Curve nonsense that Greece just voted to end.

Just think: Charles and David Koch intend to preserve this form of government in 2016 with a billion dollars of political spending. That’s what it takes to get the attention of this Congress: one billion dollars of juicy, wonderful money. What a great argument for raising the taxes on the rich!


One thought on “Boehner, McConnell Fight Income Inequality By Doing Nothing”
  1. Republicans think income inequality is a problem and intend to address it, but they think the problem is that there’s not enough income inequality.

    If you start from there, that outtake meme makes perfect—if sociopathic—sense.


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