Saw this speech with Sarah Palin at the Iowa Freedom Summit. All I can say is that she could have been a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Can anyone imagine this lunatic with her finger on the nuclear button? This makes about the 4th video of her slurring her speech and rambling in incoherent syllables. I thought at one point she maybe had a stroke or some such thing and she was hiding it.

However many people I have talked with say she has turned into a raging alcoholic who may also be taking sedatives or other meds for relaxation with her drinks. Of course I have also heard from some people who say she is just stupid and can’t actually form words without a speech handler and a teleprompter with words on the screen describing exactly what she should say. Still, others have told me she can’t even read 3rd grade readers.

So maybe its a combination of all those things that have now shown just how screwed this country would have been had Sarah Palin become President. Did she also recently say that she was considering another run for the President?



Jon Stewart’s hilarious take on her speech below: