Stay indoors, Maryland wingnuts! Conditions are deteriorating in East Blogistan, where Christian sadist William Hoge’s latest attempt to jail former BU writer Bill Schmalfelt for the crime of tweeting has ended in an embarrassing judicial stipulation that his ‘evidence’ is fraudulent. Does this make Team Hoge an adjudicated forger? Stay tuned!


In tangentially-related news, racist and rape denialist Charles C. Johnson is unexpectedly taking fire from Hoge’s pal Aaron Walker, who’s still trying to get other people killed over his doodles of Muhammad as a pedophile.


Johnson is increasingly feeling the heat of nonpartisan disgust with his intrusive, abusive, inaccurate, dissonant, and harebrained reporting. He’s as bad for the right as he is for the left, a less-ethical Lee Stranahan with better teeth. When 4chan trolls tell their kids scary stories about Neal Rauhauser, they are actually describing Charles C. Johnson.


Important note: Charles C. Johnson is not to be confused with Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs.

Indeed! I will have much more to say about Mr. Chuckie Not-Green-Footballs Johnson very soon, as I have been “homing in” on his electronic trail all week. Stay tuned…