Stay indoors, Maryland wingnuts! Conditions are deteriorating in East Blogistan, where Christian sadist William Hoge’s latest attempt to jail former BU writer Bill Schmalfelt for the crime of tweeting has ended in an embarrassing judicial stipulation that his ‘evidence’ is fraudulent. Does this make Team Hoge an adjudicated forger? Stay tuned!


In tangentially-related news, racist and rape denialist Charles C. Johnson is unexpectedly taking fire from Hoge’s pal Aaron Walker, who’s still trying to get other people killed over his doodles of Muhammad as a pedophile.


Johnson is increasingly feeling the heat of nonpartisan disgust with his intrusive, abusive, inaccurate, dissonant, and harebrained reporting. He’s as bad for the right as he is for the left, a less-ethical Lee Stranahan with better teeth. When 4chan trolls tell their kids scary stories about Neal Rauhauser, they are actually describing Charles C. Johnson.


Important note: Charles C. Johnson is not to be confused with Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs.

Indeed! I will have much more to say about Mr. Chuckie Not-Green-Footballs Johnson very soon, as I have been “homing in” on his electronic trail all week. Stay tuned…


19 thoughts on “Wingnut Weekend Weather Forecast: Signature Strike Edition”
        1. And look how they support Lemmen? The man is a clear fraud who cant quit trying to rip people off, and yet they welcome him with open arms, which shows just how fraudulent those idiots are. All that: “we are victims” and so forth is just another scam for them to use to get money from people.

          Look at Akbar, he begs for money for help fighting the so called lawfare against him, then won’t even show up for court and avoids even answering the complaints against him, but buys expensive gadgets, expensive headphones, computers, laptops etc etc with money he brought in for legal funds he set up. And all on the backs of those who believe in him. That is how con artists work. And that is representative of how Hoge et al works.

          Its all about scamming money for them.

    1. Yep, and he didn’t hesitate to go there given the opportunity. I sincerely hope that stansfield delayed the ruling so he can intervene. the whole affair is nuttier than a squirrel turd and it’s mostly due to stansfield’s ambiguous rulings.

      1. When Stansfield says he will issue an opinion later, it usually means he will never issue an opinion. He has still never issued an opinion on one of Hoge’s baseless charges against Brett Kimberlin over a year and something ago. I think that was when Hoge filed some bullshit thing against Brett and then couldn’t prove Brett had anything to do with what he tried to claim, and the judge, which was Stansfield, said he would issue a written opinion later and mail it, and never did. And that was over a year ago.

        So when Stansfield says he will mail it in, he literally mails it in and the post office never gets it.

  1. I saw on Schmalelds Twitter timeline that he admits he might have misheard Hoge and that hoge may have been saying that he had the form that the signature was copied from. But since Schmalfelt said he never posted the document online, and the only two people who would have it would be this Grady guy who sent it to Hoge who used it on the blog, doesn’t that make it sense that Hoge is a top suspect in copying the signature? Just using my common sense, but how does it benefit Bill to violate his restraining order on purpose? Where’s the logic in Bill sending the letter to Hoge copying his own signature? What does Bill get out of that to help his case? It really makes no sense at all.

    1. If hoge thought that letter was real he would have posted it faster than his obese son jockeying for pole position in a buffet line. He probably thought that there wouldn’t be any penalty for seeing if stansfield allowed it as evidence.

      What hoge probably didn’t bargain for was Bill saying that the letter wasn’t his u der path and providing reasonable doubt as to the authenticity of the letter.

      What I took away from today was that when Bill told hoge to prove he wrote that, hoge froze like a deer in headlights. the onus really is on hoge to prove what he alleges is true, not the other way around and that got tested big time.

      I think Criswell should add closing the storm shutters for a while because Hoge and his moonie cult are already cranking up the conspiracy engine. hoge’s gonna behave like an animal caught in a bear trap lashing out and accusing everyone on Twitter of causing him butthurt under penal code 6969: callous disregard for hoge’s lacerated ego.

    2. It was evident that Hoge tried to keep everyone from seeing the postmark on the envelope, and instead wanted his followers to think that Bill sent it. It was riddled with misspellings that Bill wouldn’t normally make, but Hoge frequently makes. People have to constantly correct Hoge’s typo’s, Bill however is always spelling properly.

      The fact that it was mailed from a place that Bill would never be able to get to, showed that it was a forgery plain and simple. Hoge just figured he would get a slam dunk in front of the Judge, and instead got his ass handed to him. Now he is in the box for submitting forged papers in a legal proceeding. Not going to be easy to swim out of that, especially with pending cases in Federal court.

  2. Mr. Hoge is a forgerer, a certified document forger who files forged documents in the Maryland Courts. He needs to be held to account. He was so doggone desperate to send Willie to jail that he fabricated that document. Now he will have to pay. There is good reason to believe that the judge postponed the decision so he can send the forged documents to the State Police for analysis. Mr. Hoge could be facing some serious jail time and and an order = barring him from filing anything more in the courts. I know that here in Delaware the judges would hammer him hard for filing forged documents with the court.

    1. I think stansfield postponed his decision because he doesn’t understand the nature of pingbacks well enough to rule on them being contact. Stansfield threw hoge a bone about Twitter and entertained hoge’s theory that Twitter behaves like a telephone (something stansfield could relate to). However, if you rewind all the way back, stansfield never ruled on Twitter being contact and basically told Bill if hoge doesn’t want to see bill’s tweets Bill shouldn’t tweet him. Bill probably didn’t win stansfield as a fan by continuing to mention hoge.

      However, from what I can glean from both sides is that stansfield is overwhelmed and doesn’t quite u der stand what the fuck Bill and hoge are talking about. That’s probably what made Barnes argument successful was that she made relationships between tech stansfield didn’t u der stand and things he was familiar with.

      I don’t know why Stansfield couldn’t rule from the bench on this, but there certainly was a dramatic shift today. Stansfield usually entertained Bill and ruled for hoge but today he needed time to come to a decision. I suspect after hoge made a circus of his court by entering a suspicious document into evidence stansfield lost some faith in hoge’s sincerity seeking the peace order.

      I wouldn’t expect much to be done about it either way. At least not in Maryland. Hell, the judge in kimberlin’s case was sure he’d fabricated service but stopped short of punishing him. All hoge has to do is play stupid and he can probably get away scot free.

      I’d love to think stansfielld would rule in favor of Bill, but no one really knows. The only certain thing is that stansfield called a time out here and time outs usually result in play changes.

      1. “I suspect after hoge made a circus of his court by entering a suspicious
        document into evidence stansfield lost some faith in hoge’s sincerity
        seeking the peace order.”


        1. I think the Judge finally realized that Hoge was one of those get of my lawn looney bins, and finally decided that he was abusing the process and the peace order statute for personal gain on his blog.The fact that he said he would issue an opinion later by mail shows that he didn’t buy into the whole Hoge lunacy, and felt that enough was enough between these two parties.

          The judge knew that Hoge couldn’t be afraid of a guy driving a Walker, and if he was afraid of old Bill then he was a punk at heart..

    1. Yes it does, especially since they love to claim that everyone is adjudicated with some bullshit falsehood they believe in.

  3. The whole “forged letter” thing was the last straw for me. At this moment, there is a federal complaint being delivered to the US District Court for the District of Maryland. The named defendants will find out who they are when they are served. The unnamed defendants will be subjected to subpoenas. Anyone who would forge a letter for the sole purpose of putting me in jail for a crime I did not commit is beyond redemption,

    I have cancelled my Twitter account and have turned my blog at into a members only blog. If you check out that URL, you will see information on how you can become part of the “War Council.”

    I’ve been laying there and taking it for more than two years. That shit ended today.

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