“Kids are Dyin’ in the Free World”



I see a kid on the TV
In a SuperBowl Ad
It looks innocent enough
But things start to go bad

He’ll never learn to ride a bike
He’ll never get cooties
He’ll never learn how to fly
Or travel with his best friend

That’s one poor kid that won’t go to high school
He’ll never get married – he probably would have been cool

Chorus: Kids are Dyin’ in the Free World

Now he’s drowning in the tub
And drinking poison from a can
He said he couldn’t grow up
‘Cause he had an accident

There’s a Nationwide insurance commericial up ahead
Tellin’ us about a kid who ended up dead
They are using scare tactics, yes that is their plan
I’ll try to forget it every way that I can

Chorus: Kids are Dyin’ in the Free World

“Kids are dyin’ in the Free World”
Lyrics by James Rustad. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.


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