Political strategist hack and right wing lunatic Dick Morris tells The Hill he predicts a Scott Walker win in 2016. Let’s not forget that Dick Morris predicted a landslide Romney victory in 2012, and then had to backtrack later on his lousy predictions. Of course, this latest prediction comes as no surprise, as Morris was shilling for Walker in 2013 on Piers Morgan’s show.


Yes that was in February 2013 when Morris started shilling for Walker. So this latest prediction is nothing new for Morris, who has slipped on pretty every prediction he has made so far.


In December 2012 Rachel Maddow took on Dick Morris’s Super Pac For America claiming that most super pac’s for the conservative wing are nothing more than scams to enrich those who set them up. This has turned out to be very true, as recently super pac’s have been taken to the woodshed over paying 90 percent of what is brought in on administrative costs: such as the high salaries paid to those who run them, paying for puff pieces in various media, paying for Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and for buying questionable sucker lists to reach out to demographically targeted donors suckers. For Dick Morris however, it’s not only about making money, it’s also about being wrong more than he is right. One would think when they get the stamp of approval from Morris that their candidacy is probably going down in flames. So in a large way getting the Dick Morris stamp of approval is political suicide.







    • Yes, these days the Dick effect is in full swing. It’s the kiss of death, or Dick, for anyone to get his endorement.


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