A highly-placed source within the Orthodox Church in America tells BreitbartUnmasked that Paul Lemmen, a convicted con artist and valor-thief who has attached himself to so-called ‘patriot’ III-percenter groups as well as the cluster of right wing crazies who obsess about Brett Kimberlin, has never been ordained in that church as he has repeatedly claimed.

By confirming that Lemmen “is not a priest of the Orthodox Church in America, nor to our knowledge of any canonical Orthodox jurisdiction,” Father John Matusiak leaves the career grifter to explain himself to those conservatives who still associate with him despite his well-documented record of fraud.

While it’s very difficult for an objective outsider to square Lemmen’s ‘man of the cloth’ persona with this ‘drawing’ that he has tweeted so proudly at least four times, Lemmen’s current peer group is rather fond of juvenile acts of Islamophobia.

These days, Lemmen’s best friends are the trolls inhabiting William Hoge’s blog, who seem to consider Lemmen a reliable source in what has become the goofiest conspiracy theory on the internet.

Lemmen’s post-prison parole period officially ended yesterday, removing the last impediment to his scams, and for the last two weeks he had promised to release game-changing information against their enemies when that happened, but as usual it was just a confidence game.

We will update you if any of Lemmen’s pals turns on him for lying about being an Orthodox priest, but don’t hold your breath. This man has picked his latest marks well: they not only want to believe him, they will actively disbelieve anything BU says about him.

UPDATE: My prediction is fulfilled! Mr. Hoge is actively defending his belief in a career confidence man.



I’m not interested in playing twenty questions with Mr. Lemmen to learn which obscure sect ordained him. A succinct answer should be as natural as breathing. Every ordained person I’ve ever talked to can recite the specific story and circumstances of their own ordination as if by rote. Lemmen’s an elderly con artist who likes to put on a uniform and pretend to be some kind of exotic Christian. But is he a friar? A priest? A bishop? The story has changed at different times, so it’s hard to know exactly which story I’m supposed to believe. Mr. Hoge and Mr. Lemmen should come up with a simple story and stick to it.

I can’t wait to see which Lemmengs they lead over the cliff of denial.

11 thoughts on “UPDATE: Paul Lemmen Is Not Ordained – And Not Safe For Work”
  1. What an amazing piece of garbage this guy is. He definitely hangs with the right crowd of frauds, felons, racists, tax-dodgers, liars, bullies and sadists. Wonderful legacy you’ve created, Lemmen.

  2. No question Lemmen isn’t ordained with any mainstream Christian denomination, but that doesn’t mean he’s not ordained from a purely theological standpoint. There are these episcopi vagans, literally “wandering bishops,” who have valid apostolic succession (meaning they can trace their “lineage” of consecrators all the way back to a legitimate bishop and ultimately to one of the 12 Apostles) who, as the name suggest, wander around ordaining anyone with a pulse. Often money is involved. It’s a rather shady thing.

  3. An actual man of God does not pray for God to kill someone. Lemmen has, on two occasions that I know of, prayed for my death. Hoge is a willing participant in his scam, and I would imagine that he’s been promised a significant cut of whatever Lemmen is able to fleece from his stupid flock. Thank God that he only preys on Conservatives. They’re the only ones stupid enough to take the word of a proven conman over an expert in the Orthodox Church in America. But Fr. Matusiak is probably on Team Kimberlin or something.

    1. Doesn’t Hoge claim to be a minister also? What a great selection of spiritual leaders! Who doesn’t want their minister to be a litigious, sadistic bully or a professional liar who worked to commit fraud against his own government?

  4. Here’s the e-mail I received from Father Matusiak, the noted author and expert on the Orthodox Church in America. But the conservaturds would call Jesus a liar if he called out the Bishop of Bullshit on his lies.

  5. Over on Hogewash Lemmen is claiming he was ordained a deacon and a priest six months apart in 1985 somewhere outside the US. But in his self-published e-book, Confessions of a Con-Man: The Life and Times of Con-Artist Paul Lemmen, he states that he was ordained by an episcopus vagans.

    He also makes no mention at Hogewash that he was also ordained a bishop by the episcopi vagantes, a claim he likewise makes in his book.


  6. Wait a minute. So, Employee of Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, WJJ Hoge is in cahoots with a con artist? A government employee is openly working with a convicted fraud, one that defrauded the military? That WJJ Hoge? Christopher Scolese might want to know about this!

  7. Why is it this type of behavior is the dominion of conservatives?
    When was the last time a conservationist or anti-war activist pretended to be a military hero or a Priest?
    Or for that matter claim advanced degrees or professional accolades?
    And it’s not so much the charlatan but those who blindly follow. They’re the ones that frighten the hell out of me!

    1. Like all good conservatives, they’re all about the money and they don’t care who they have to fleece to get it.

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